Happy 125th Birthday to the Osterhout Free Library

By Robert A.

该Osterhout免费图书馆在我的威尔克斯 - 巴里,宾夕法尼亚州的家乡,庆祝1月29日其诞辰125周年,2014年Osterhout是第一个公共图书馆,我曾经访问过,并在这个古老的机构我的经验记忆是丰富和丰富。

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Creating Magic for an 8-Year-Old

By Jolie V.

Ms. Valentine, do you have a book on the Greek alphabet?

Why, yes. Yes I do.

It’s Camp Read a lot time, and I can hear children at the picnic table, their voices raised to that particular shrillness that usually means an argument is about to boil over. There’s activity over at the fishing pond, too – but I don’t have a line of direct sight to the lines to see if anyone is swinging them…ah, no swinging yet. But I have, I estimate, about forty seconds to help you find a book on the Greek alphabet. After that, who knows what will happen with the fishing lines and the picnic argument.

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