Relive the Year in Film with Magill’s Cinema Annual 2020

| By Mike Tyrkus | “Where do we go from here?” asks Magill’s Cinema Annual 2020 editor Brian Tallerico in the introduction to this year’s edition. He continues his existential quandary: “How will the streaming industry change the way people make movies? How will technology like the smartphone change viewers? And how will anxiety about …Read more

Career Online High School Names 2020 Academic Coach of the Year

WITH EXPERIENCE IN NONTRADITIONAL EDUCATION, COACH HELPS STUDENTS THRIVE Career Online High School Academic Coach Alanna Taylor has dedicated her life to helping students who have faced various types of struggles. Her career, education, and personal background make her the perfect fit to help nontraditional learners, many of whom have experienced educational trauma. Alanna possesses …Read more

Examining eBook Usage Pre- and Post-COVID-19

Gale Analytics: Tip of the Month | By Lisa Novohatski, Analytics Consultant | The COVID-19 pandemic has caused public libraries across the nation to make a very difficult decision—to close their doors. With this change, many libraries have seen a shift in usage from physical materials to online resources. Perhaps some patrons have even stopped …Read more



| By Thomas Piggott, Sr. User Experience Designer, Gale | Good design practices are as important as ever now that online learning has taken the spotlight during stay-at-home orders and a changing reality for millions of students, educators, and library patrons. Gale is here to help with some best practices for ensuring your library website …188188188b.com金宝博

A Place in History, the Life of Motoko Fujishiro Huthwaite

| By Traci Cothran | Most people live happy, fulfilled lives, providing love and meaning to those around them, but rarely make the history books. Others have colorful lives that play out amidst major historical events. The latter describes a former Gale colleague of ours, Motoko Fujishiro Huthwaite. Huthwaite worked at Gale from 1986 to …Read more

The Business and Culture of Sports Gives Readers a Big-Picture Overview

| By Gale Staff | The Business and Culture of Sports: Society, Politics, Economy, Environment uses extensive academic research to provide interdisciplinary, global perspectives on the field of sports. Readers can learn about sustainable designs of sports stadiums, the economic impact on cities hosting mega events, sports governance models, and much more. Recently, Library Journal …Read more

188 support-cn

188 support-cn

| By Gale Staff | The pandemic has forced much of the world to hit the proverbial pause button, and publishing is no exception. Resulting from the market conditions created by COVID-19, we have decided to pause Five Star’s publishing schedule, effective May 2020, with the intention of ramping up production in November 2020. This …188 support-cn

Incorporate Graphic Novels into Your Classroom with Gale’s Novels for Students

| By Sarah Robertson | In graphic novels, words and illustrations are interwoven in an imaginative symbiosis, which can be used to present both fiction and nonfiction to students in a uniquely engaging way. The power of this literary form derives from the rich interplay between text and image. The ability of graphic novels to …Read more