April Adventures Deliver Unique Journeys of Escapism



|由盖尔金宝搏彩票员工|A new year brings accolades that recognize “best of” and award winners in movies, music, and of course closest to our heart, literature. While we don’t have a red carpet to walk or a fancy frock to don, we’re just as proud of our more than 120 published titles recognized …阅读更多


|通过崔西Cothran |我不知道你怎么想的,但通常一月是一个艰难的一个月假期结束,亲朋好友纷纷散去,你比在假期前更重的是五磅,天气通常也很糟糕。但有两件事情,让我通过这个月:美国图书馆协会...阅读更多

Lives Laid Bare in Three Big Reads

|由盖尔金宝搏彩票员工|Fate. Destiny. Free Will. Happenstance. Two of our March titles explore lives unfolding in strange and mysterious ways. And the third? A unique look at people and things (the red dye used in Franken Berry cereal!) that have left a memorable mark before departing for the hereafter. A thought-provoking selection …阅读更多


|由盖尔金宝搏彩票员工|While we too are fans of love stories, especially in February, there are other roads and reads to exploring matters of the heart. This month’s selections tell stories of tragedy, race and class, and survival against all odds. These probing tales will prompt readers to consider the nuances of compassion, …阅读更多

2020年展望 - 坐落于大读您的目光

|由盖尔金宝搏彩票员工|Ready to review some great new titles to help readers dive into another year of discovery? This month we’re featuring a poignant story of a shattered Syrian family, a novel cited as both funny and disturbing, and a historical novel that explores the life of a powerful yet overlooked woman. …阅读更多

We’re Wrapping Up 2019 with Big Reads


Variety is the Spice of Life

|由盖尔金宝搏彩票员工|大字读者就像任何其他的 - 他们希望这一切。我们始终如一地提供货架,准备选择来超越他们的期望与万人空巷读取。这个月我们具有两个登场小说 - 一个字符为特色的全体演员;其他约一晚开花独来独往活过来。我们的第三个...阅读更多




由盖尔人员金宝搏彩票| |潜入任何关系和you’re eventually going to discover secrets; some may be of little consequence while others can only be described as, “it’s complicated.” Two of our October titles explore family dynamics while the third explores a workplace environment that resonates with the #MeToo Movement. The Fountains of …阅读更多