Developer Policy

Developer Policy

Developer Policy

Effective: November 3,2017。

除了Developer Agreement,此开发人员策略(“策略”)为与Twitter应用生态系统交互的开发人员提供规则和指南,services,website,网页和内容,包括我们可以通过我们的其他覆盖服务出发地点:https://support.twitter.com/articles/20172501(Twitter服务)。Policy violations are also considered violations of the Developer Agreement.请看一下本政策中大写单词含义的定义。这些政策可随时更改,恕不另行通知。请检查这里是否有任何更新。

一。Guiding Principles

a.A Few Key Points

  1. Keep any API keys or other access credentials private and use only as permitted.
  2. 尊重我们对如何显示和与用户内容交互的要求。
  3. If your application will need more than 1 million user tokens,你必须联系我们about your Twitter API access,因为你可能需要附加条款。
  4. Twitter可能会监控您使用Twitter API来改进Twitter服务,检查商业用途并确保遵守本政策。
  5. Remember,如果我们认为您违反了此政策,Twitter可能会暂停或撤销对Twitter API的访问。如果Twitter已暂停您的帐户,请不要申请或注册其他API令牌。相反,联系我们.

B.Maintain the Integrity of Twitter's Products

  1. Follow the显示要求,Twitter RulesPeriscope Community Guidelines.If your Service facilitates or induces users to violate theTwitter RulesPeriscope Community Guidelines,您必须了解如何防止滥用,否则Twitter可能会暂停或终止您对Twitter API的访问。我们在Abuse Prevention and Security help page.
  2. 如果您的服务向Twitter提交包含Twitter用户名的内容,submit the correct Twitter username ("@username").
  3. Do not modify,translate or delete a portion of the Twitter Content.
  4. 维护Twitter内容和Twitter API的特性和功能。Do not interfere with,拦截,扰乱,过滤器,or disable any features of Twitter or the Twitter API,including the Twitter Content of嵌入式tweets嵌入的时间线.
  5. Do not exceed or circumvent limitations on access,电话,sharing,隐私设置,or use permitted in this Policy,or as otherwise set forth on theDeveloper Site,或者通过Twitter与你交流。
  6. 请勿删除或更改Twitter内容或Twitter API上的任何专有通知或标记。
  7. Do not (and do not allow others to) aggregate,cache,或者存储Twitter内容中包含的位置数据和其他地理信息,except as part of a Tweet or Periscope Broadcast.Any use of location data or geographic information on a standalone basis is prohibited.

C.Respect Users' Control and Privacy

  1. 在执行以下任何操作之前,请获得用户的明确同意:
    1. 代表用户采取任何行动,包括发布Twitter内容,跟踪/不跟踪其他用户,修改配置文件信息,开始潜望镜广播,或者向用户的tweets添加hashtags或其他数据。A user authenticating through your Service does not constitute user consent.
    2. 重新发布通过Twitter API或其他Twitter工具以外的方式访问的Twitter内容。
    3. Use a user's Twitter Content to promote a commercial product or service,在商业耐用品上或作为广告的一部分。
    4. Store non-public Twitter Content such as Direct Messages or other private or confidential information.
    5. Share or publish protected Twitter Content,私人或机密信息。
    6. 将要在直接消息中发送的媒体配置为“共享”(即可跨多条直接消息重用)。您还必须向用户提供明确的通知,即通过直接消息发送的“共享”媒体可由具有该媒体URL的任何人查看。
  2. 不要(也不允许他人)将Twitter内容与任何人关联,家庭,device,浏览器,或其他单个标识符,除非您或您单独代表其建立此类协会的实体(a)在适用个人明确同意的情况下这样做;或(b)仅基于公众可获得的数据和/或适用个人直接提供的数据,而该个人合理预期将用于该目的。
  3. If Twitter Content is deleted,gainsprotected status,或以其他方式暂停,扣留,被改进的,或从Twitter服务中删除(包括删除位置信息)。您将尽一切合理努力尽快删除或修改此类Twitter内容(如适用)。and in any case within 24 hours after a request to do so by Twitter or by a Twitter user with regard to their Twitter Content,unless otherwise prohibited by applicable law or regulation,and with the express written permission of Twitter.
  4. If your Service will display Twitter Content to the public or to end users of your Service,你不使用Twitter工具包用于网站的Twitter为此,then you must use the Twitter API to retrieve the most current version of the Twitter Content for such display.If Twitter Content ceases to be available through the Twitter API,you may not display such Twitter Content and must remove it from non-display portions of your Service as soon as reasonably possible.
  5. 如果您的服务允许用户在Twitter上发布Twitter内容,then,出版前,show the user exactly what will be published,包括是否将任何地理标签添加到Twitter内容。如果您将发送直接消息的已读回执事件,188金宝搏北京赛车您应该通知用户他们将作为对话的一部分发送,such as by directly providing this notice to users in your application or by displaying read receipts from other participants in a conversation.
  6. 如果您的服务允许用户将Twitter内容发布到您的服务和Twitter上,then,before publishing to the Service:
    1. 解释如何使用Twitter内容;
    2. 获得使用Twitter内容的适当许可;和
    3. 根据与twitter内容相关的本政策继续使用此类twitter内容。
  7. 下载前向用户显示服务的隐私策略,安装或注册应用程序。您的隐私政策必须符合所有适用法律,对最终用户的保护不亚于Twitter的隐私政策https://twitter.com/privacyincluding any relevant incorporated policies such as the supplemental terms located athttps://support.twitter.com/articles/20172501.You must comply with your privacy policy,which must clearly disclose the information you collect from users,你如何使用和分享这些信息(包括与Twitter的交流)。以及用户如何与您联系,询问和请求有关他们的信息。如果出于任何原因,您无法遵守您的隐私政策或开发商协议或政策的任何隐私要求,you must promptly通知Twitter并采取合理和适当的措施纠正任何不合规行为,or cease your access to the Twitter API and use of all Twitter Content.
  8. 如果您的服务使用cookie,在隐私政策中披露:
    1. Whether third parties collect user information on your Service and across other websites or online services;
    2. 有关用于cookie管理的用户选项以及是否遵守Do Not Track支持Web浏览器中的设置。
  9. 如果您的服务将位置信息添加到用户的tweet或periscope广播中:
    1. Disclose when you add location information,无论是作为地理标签还是注释数据,and whether you add a place or specific coordinates.
    2. Comply with地理开发商指南if your application allows users to Tweet with their location.
  10. 不要存储Twitter密码。


  1. 确保用户了解您的身份以及您的服务的来源和目的。For example:
    1. Don't use a name or logo that falsely implies you or your company is related to another business or person.
    2. 不要对试图屏蔽目标站点的服务使用缩短的URL。
    3. Don't use a URL for your Service that directs users to
      1. a site that is unrelated to your Service
      2. 鼓励用户违反Twitter Rules潜望镜社区指南。
      3. a spam or malware site.
  2. 不要复制,框架,or mirror the Twitter website or its design.

e.Keep Twitter Spam Free

  1. Follow the Abuse and Spam ruleshere.
  2. Comply with the自动化规则如果您的服务执行自动操作。
  3. 请勿执行以下任何操作:
    1. Mass-register applications.
    2. 创建代币/应用程序来销售名称,prevent others from using names,或其他商业用途。
    3. Use third-party content feeds to update and maintain accounts under those third parties' names.
    4. Name squat by submitting multiple applications with the same function under different names.
    5. Publish links to malicious content.
    6. 将色情或淫秽图像发布到用户配置文件图像和背景图像。


  1. Follow the指导方针用于在广播中使用tweets(如果您脱机显示tweets)和指导方针用于在广播中使用潜望镜广播(如果您脱机显示潜望镜广播)。
  2. If you provide Twitter Content to third parties,包括Twitter内容的可下载数据集或返回Twitter内容的API,您将只分发或允许下载tweet ID,Direct Message IDs,和/或用户ID。
    1. You may,然而,通过非自动方式提供出口(例如,download of spreadsheets or PDF files,或者使用一个“另存为”按钮)为您的服务的每个用户提供多达50000个公共tweet对象和/或用户对象,per day.
    2. 向第三方提供的任何Twitter内容仍受本政策约束,第三方必须同意Twitter服务条款,隐私政策,Developer Agreement,和Developer Policybefore receiving such downloads.
      1. 在任何给定的30天内,您不得向任何实体(包括与单个实体关联的多个个人用户)分发超过1500000个tweet id,unless you are doing so on behalf of an 金宝搏彩票academic institution and for the sole purpose of non-commercial research or you have received the express written permission of Twitter.
      2. 您不得出于(a)允许任何实体存储和分析推文超过30天的目的分发推文ID,除非您是代表学术机构进行此操作,且仅用于非商业研究,或者您已获得推文的明确书面许可,金宝搏彩票或(b)使任何实体能够规避本政策中关于Twitter内容分发的任何其他限制或限制,the Twitter Developer Agreement,or any other agreement with Twitter.
  3. Use and display Twitter Marks solely to identify Twitter as the source of Twitter Content.
  4. Comply withTwitter品牌资产和指导方针以及潜望镜商标指南.
  5. 请勿执行以下任何操作:
    1. 对于多个用例使用单个应用程序API键,对于同一个用例使用多个应用程序API键。
    2. 对于通过短信或USSD访问Twitter内容,收取高于服务标准数据和使用率的额外费用。
    3. Sell or receive monetary or virtual compensation for Tweet actions,Periscope Broadcasts actions or the placement of Tweet actions on your Service,例如,但不仅限于跟随,转发,像,heart,comment and reply.
    4. 不要使用,访问或分析Twitter API以监视或测量可用性,performance,功能,usage statistics or results of Twitter Services or for any other benchmarking or competitive purposes,包括但不限于:monitoring or measuring:
      1. the responsiveness of Twitter Services;或
      2. aggregate Twitter user metrics such as total number of active users,accounts,潜望镜广播视图总数,用户约定或帐户约定。
    5. 使用Twitter内容,by itself or bundled with third party data,to target users with advertising outside of the Twitter platform,including without limitation on other advertising networks,通过数据代理,or through any other advertising or monetization services.
    6. 使用Twitter标记,或Twitter认证产品计划徽章,or similar marks or names in a manner that creates a false sense of endorsement,赞助,or association with Twitter.
    7. 使用Twitter验证帐户徽章,Verified Account status,或者Twitter内容上任何其他增强的用户分类,而不是Twitter通过API向您报告的内容。

G.Avoid Replicating the Core Twitter Experience

  1. Twitter不鼓励在线服务复制Twitter服务的核心用户体验或功能。
  2. 以下规则仅适用于试图复制Twitter核心用户体验的服务或应用程序:
    1. You must obtain our permission to have more than 100,000 user tokens,and you may be subject to additional terms.
    2. 使用Twitter API由Twitter提供for functionalities in your Service that are substantially similar to a Twitter Service feature and present this to your users as the default option.
    3. Display a prominent link or button in your Service that directs new users to Twitter's sign-up functionality.
    4. Do not do the following:
      1. 支付,or offer to pay,third parties for distribution.这包括为下载(交易费用除外)或其他流量获取机制提供补偿。
      2. Arrange for your Service to be pre-installed on any other device,promoted as a "zero-rated" service,或作为专门数据计划的一部分销售。
      3. Use Twitter Content or other data collected from users to create or maintain a separate status update,社交网络,私人消息或直播数据库或服务。


  1. Advertising Around Twitter Content
    1. You may advertise around and on sites that display Tweets and Periscope Broadcasts,但是,除了通过与mopub集成的官方twitter套件提供的twitter广告或广告外,您不得在twitter时间线内或在Periscope广播上或在您的服务中放置任何广告。Access to MoPub ads through Twitter Kit requires a MoPub supply account and is subject to MoPub terms of service & policies.
    2. 你的广告不能像tweet或periscope广播一样,或被用户合理地混淆。
    3. You may advertise in close proximity to the Twitter timeline or a Periscope Broadcast (e.g.,时间线上或线下的横幅广告)但是Twitter内容和你的广告之间必须有一个明确的分离。
  2. Twitter保留通过Twitter API(“Twitter广告”)提供广告的权利。如果你决定一旦我们开始发布Twitter广告,我们将根据相关条款和条件与您分享部分广告收入。

II.Rules for Specific Twitter Services or Features

a.Twitter Login

  1. 为用户提供方便的登录和退出Twitter的选项,例如,通过OAuth协议或Twitter工具包。
  2. 为没有Twitter帐户的用户提供创建新Twitter帐户的机会。
  3. 显示“使用Twitter登录”选项,至少与任何其他第三方社交网络最显著的登录或登录标记以及出现在您的服务上的品牌相同。

B.Social Updates

  1. 如果您允许用户从您自己的社交服务或第三方社交网络创建社交更新,micro-blogging,or status update provider integrated into your Service ("Update"),you must display a prominent option to publish that content to Twitter.
  2. If Updates are longer than 140 characters or not text,您必须显示一个突出的链接以将该内容发布到Twitter,并且:
    1. URL必须将用户引导到显示该内容的页面。您可能需要用户登录才能访问该页,but the content must not otherwise be restricted from being viewed.
    2. URL不能引导用户访问中间页或中间页。

C.Twitter Identity

  1. Once a user has authenticated via "Sign in with Twitter" via your Service,you must clearly display the user's Twitter identity via your Service.Twitter identity includes visible display of the user's avatar,Twitter user name and the Twitter bird mark.
  2. 在您的服务上显示用户的关注者必须清楚地显示出与Twitter服务相关的关系。

d.Twitter Cards

  1. 开发您的卡,使其在显示卡的所有平台上都具有相同的质量体验。
  2. If your Service provides a logged-in experience,the experience prior to a user's login must be of equivalent quality and user value.
  3. 如果可以显示敏感媒体,请将您的卡标记为“真”。
  4. Use HTTPS for hosting all assets within your Card.
  5. 对于视频和音频内容:
    1. 对于自动播放内容的视频,默认为“关闭声音”。
    2. 包括停止或暂停控制。
  6. 请勿执行以下任何操作:
    1. 超越或规避Twitter对任何卡片的限制,including the Card's intended use.
    2. 将应用卡连接到用户的tweet,unless the user is explicitly promoting or referring to the app in the Tweet.
    3. Place third-party sponsored content within Cards without Twitter's prior approval.
    4. Include content or actions within your Card that are not contextually relevant to the user's Tweet text and Tweet entities,例如URL和媒体。
    5. Generate active mixed content browser warnings.
    6. Attach monetary incentives or transactions (including virtual currency) to activities that occur within the Card or on Twitter from your Card.
    7. Apply for Cards access for domains you do not manage to prevent others from registering or utilizing Cards on those domains.


  1. 如果你期望你的嵌入式tweets嵌入的时间线to exceed 10 million daily impressions,you must contact us about your Twitter API access,因为你可能需要附加条款。
  2. If you use用于网站的Twitterwidgets,you must ensure that an end user is provided with clear and comprehensive information about,and consents to,存储和访问终端用户设备上的cookie或其他信息,如Twitter中所述cookie use法律要求提供此类信息并获得此类同意的。
  3. 如果你使用嵌入式tweets或嵌入式时间表,您必须向用户提供充分的法律通知,充分披露Twitter在您的网站上收集和使用用户浏览活动的数据,including for interest-based advertising and personalization.You must also obtain legally sufficient consent from users for such collection and use,并就用户如何选择退出Twitter基于兴趣的广告和个性化提供充分的法律指导。here.
  4. If you operate a Service targeted to children under 13,you must opt out of tailoring Twitter in any embedded Tweets or embedded timelines on your Service by setting the opt-out parameter to be true as describedhere.

F.Periscope Producer

  1. You must provide a reasonable user-agent,as described in the Periscope Producer technical documentation,用于访问Periscope API时的服务。
  2. 如果您预计您的硬件创建的广播数量将超过(1000万)个每日广播,你必须联系我们about your Twitter API access,因为你可能需要附加条款。
  3. 您必须满足用户的请求,才能从他们在您的服务上的潜望镜帐户注销。
  4. 您不能在服务中提供允许用户规避技术保护措施的工具。


  1. Twitter内容-推特,Tweet IDs,直接消息,Direct Message IDs,Twitter最终用户配置文件信息,User IDs,Periscope Broadcasts,潜望镜广播ID以及通过Twitter API或Twitter授权的任何其他方式提供给您的任何其他数据和信息,及其任何副本及衍生作品。
  2. Developer Site‒ Twitter's developer site located at//www.tampabjj.com.
  3. Periscope Broadcast-用户生成的实时视频流,可实时或按需提供,在Twitter服务上公开显示。
  4. Broadcast ID- A unique identification number generated for each Periscope Broadcast.
  5. 鸣叫-在Twitter服务上发布的短格式文本和/或基于多媒体的帖子。
  6. Tweet ID- A unique identification number generated for each Tweet.
  7. 直接消息-一种文本和/或基于多媒体的文章,由一个终端用户在Twitter服务上私下发送给一个或多个特定的终端用户。
  8. 直接消息ID- A unique identification number generated for each Direct Message.
  9. Twitter应用程序接口-Twitter应用程序编程接口(“API”),软件开发工具包(“SDK”)和/或相关文档,data,code,and other materials provided by Twitter,不时更新,包括但不限于通过开发者网站。
  10. Twitter Marks- The Twitter name,或者Twitter提供给你的标志,including via the Developer Site.
  11. 服务-你的网站,applications,显示或使用Twitter内容的硬件和其他产品。
  12. User ID- Unique identification numbers generated for each User that do not contain any personally identifiable information such as Twitter usernames or users' names.
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