In Other News: Recalls

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一个厕所k at a current news item through the lens of different titles available on GVRL.


What? Another recall? You hear about them on the news or see them posted online almost every day. We’ve seen recent recalls for produce, meat, toys, strollers, cars, and even laundry detergent (yes, those detergent pods). But how much do we know about recalls and where they come from? Whether it’s driven by the consumer or a company announces a voluntary recall, we need to make changes in our lives to accommodate for these failures.


完全傻瓜指南,以生食排毒,1stEdition, Alpha Books, 2011.

所以,你要解决原料的食品的热潮。你用双脚跳,并尝试一下。本指南可作为您的路线图,以了解如何吃这样有助于排毒和净化你的身体。突然有羽衣甘蓝上召回 - 你会怎么做?这是一些“食物”的思想。


This brilliant book goes inside the boardrooms and factories of Detroit’s Big Three auto companies – Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors – as they teetered on the brink of collapse during the 2008 financial crisis. You hear directly from the people who struggled to save their companies before, eventually, having to turn to the U.S Government to be rescued from financial ruin.

危机管理的百科全书, 1st版,Sage出版社,2013。


The Gale Encyclopedia of Children’s Health: Infancy through Adolescence, 2NDEdition, Gale, 2011.


全面回忆, 1st版,桑代克出版社,2012。

Now here is one recall you might want to hold on to…. Total Recall is the autobiography of Arnold Schwarzenegger. From Austrian soldier, to Hollywood Actor, to the Governor of California, it’s one amazing story or what some could call the American Dream.


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