Academic Libraries Win Big!

By Michelle Eickmeyer

Monday, we held an employee townhall and invited customers to join. You can read more about it这里, watch a recording这里(it’s only 15 minutes), and read the press release这里.


  1. Gale adds STEM titles from Springer and Elsevier to GVRL
  2. eBook titles are now available in discipline-specific colllections.
  3. We are expanding beyond reference

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Look out, Schools! Exciting Changes are Coming to GVRL

By Geoff Schwartz

At Gale, we are committed to providing schools the necessary tools to provide the best possible education to their students. Yesterday,we announcedthe addition of STEM content to GVRL, starting with nearly 3,000 eBook monographs from Springer and hundreds from Elsevier. That’s just the beginning, however, as we’ll soon add grade-appropriate STEM content for the K-12 market as well.

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By Harmony Faust

Public libraries can and do play a strong role in fostering an interest and developing skills in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)—among children, teens and adults alike.Gale’s announcementsyesterday afternoon mean that libraries of all types will soon have additional support in delivering research assistance in these key disciplines.

Classes, workshops and events related to STEM concepts are already prevalent at libraries nationwide. Even with catchy names likeLegopalooza, DevDev,高科技型and MakerLab, it’s clear that these programs pack some serious punch when it comes to boosting STEM skills.

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Exciting Partners. Must-Have Products. New Focus.

今天,我们宣布在大风一些令人兴奋的变化,现场离总部在法明顿希尔斯,MI。金宝搏彩票如果你错过了,你可以watch a recording事件和read the press release. As the needs of libraries of all kinds evolve, so too, does Gale. Here’s a short recap of the exciting changes we are making to better serve learners of all types.

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The Three C’s of Digital Imaging

By Ray Bankoski

At Gale, part of Cengage Learning, we preserve history through the digitization of millions of pages each year. Using our extensive experience, we’ve developed what we like to call the three C’s of digital imaging, a guide to the industry’s best practices.



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By Robert Lisiecki

As February comes to an end and March nears, the Academy Awards loom on the horizon. It is appropriate, then, that we discussTwelve Years a Slave.Not only is this movie nominated for numerous Oscars—including “Best Picture”—but the story is an important piece of our overall history.

Confession: I haven’t seen the movie. I’m not much of a moviegoer, but I do intend to see it soon since I heard it was well done. I did read the book, and if the movie is anywhere near as gut-wrenching and eye-opening, then I have no doubt it should take home many awards.

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Libraries: Critically important or critically endangered?

By Harmony Faust


Hear Valerie’s thoughts on how to keep your library essential, not optional, and chat with your colleagues about important issues like funding, branding and the perceived value of libraries today.

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5 Reasons We Started This Blog

By Harmony Faust

我自愿首届博客作者on behalf of Gale’s public library team. You know, the one where we introduce ourselves, what problem we aim to solve and the unique voice we think we’ll contribute to the already fully-loaded blogosphere. No pressure.


Top 5 Reasons Why This Blog Exists
Alternatively titled: Why Gale Is Talking To and About Public Libraries

1. We are truly passionate about public libraries.

We’re not just saying that to pander to our audience. For me personally, I can honestly say that the most recent six months of my thirteen years in publishing have been the most interesting and rewarding of my career—and these are the only months I’ve been solely focused on working for and with public libraries. We have massive amounts of respect for our wonderful colleagues in higher education,academic librariesandschools, but the individuals behindthis blog都是公共的,所有的时间。

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Downton Abbey: The Clothes, oh, the Clothes!

By Jennifer Albers-Smith

如果你还没有上火车顿得到,现在是时候。令人兴奋的事情发生在节目中,我几乎不能等到周日晚上,当我看到另一个插曲。我拒绝通过购买4季的DVD关闭亚马逊,看它在一个单一的,光荣周末破坏它(虽然我很想)。我爱的故事线,我喜欢的人物,和男人,哦,人做我爱的服饰!美丽,漂亮的衣服。玛丽,科拉,伊迪丝,罗斯 - 所有都穿着这些惊人的丝裙,我想抓住从T.V.穿在我的日常生活中。

It’s 1922. T.V. didn’t exist. How did women learn about the latest fashion?

Here’s an ad from the Daily Mail, taken fromGale NewsVault. This one screams Rose to me, although Edith in Season 4 could also carry this off. She’s much more daring.

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Portable Professional Development Titles from ASCD, ISTE, and Corwin Press

By Geoff Schwartz

Professional development resources help teachers improve their effectiveness in the classroom. Now you can provide the materials they need, even if you and your teaching staff have limited budgets and time. Gale’s professional development eBook titles allow teachers to learn at their own pace while saving the costs associated with on-site training.

Partnerships with top publishers bring the newest and best resources to your teachers, including:

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