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Posted on November 11, 2015

罗宾·布拉德福德罗宾·布拉德福德is currently the collection development librarian for fiction, Large Print, DVD, music and world languages for the Timberland Regional Library System in Washington. Prior to moving to Washington a few months ago, she was the fiction collection development librarian for the Indianapolis Public Library. She has worked in a variety of libraries, academic and public, in a variety of positions, from student assistant to librarian. The one thing that has been a constant throughout, however, is a love of reading. When she isn’t working, or tweeting, or blogging, or reading, or at a conference focused on books, Robin is looking at the map and planning her next adventure.




* A中西部的连接选择

“一个强大的登场。。。这个女孩心脏 - 这使得它更加毁灭性当笔者打破它“。- 主演,出版商周刊


978-1-4104-7307-3 $31.99 U.S.

如果你正在寻找一个故事,将让你揣摩每一个角色的动机,这是你的书。这本书告诉米娅丹尼特被绑架的故事从多个角度,在一个非线性的方式。你会看到她的父母,她的绑架者,并负责带她回来,因为他们试图解决的情况下,侦探和善后事宜。它不仅是一个“侦探小说”,但也有whydunit,你会发现自己切换的忠诚,直到故事的最后一刻。相比毫不逊色于电影原著小说,很少人物是完全表里如一,但他们都将让你猜测和娱乐。— Robin Bradford

the emperor's blades在Unhewn王座•皇帝的叶片纪事册由Brian撇撇嘴

“In this epic fantasy debut, Stavely has created a complex and richly detailed world.” — starred, Library Journal

Annur的皇帝被杀害。他的女儿和两个儿子做什么,他们一定要活着,并揭露了刺客。但每次也有一个生命的道路上,他们的父亲进行设置。卡登,继承人Unhewn王座,是一个偏僻的小修道院,在那里他必须掌握的一种古老的力量。在海的那边,Valyn等外精英Kettral士兵残酷的训练。并在帝国的心脏,部长阿黛尔相信她知道是谁杀害了她的父亲。978-1-4104-7314-1 $ 30.99加入美国

Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones, there is a renewed interest in fantasy books that mix magical elements with political maneuvering and world building. The Emperor’s Blades is a book that handles all of those elements very well. There is an assassination to begin the book, and the plots deal with how each of the Emperor’s children合同他们迅速变化的形势,无论他们是在动荡不安的王国的中间或有危险远离家乡处理。撇撇嘴创造了世界是一个冒险是和令人兴奋的,你永远不知道接下来会发生什么。— Robin Bradford


Large Print books . . .There are many stereotypes about large print books and readers of large print books. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that many of those stereotypes, just like so many others, are incorrect. Readers who wish to rest their eyes, or are combating eye strain after spending workdays staring at computer screens, often turn to large print for recreational reading. Readers of large type books, just like readers overall, are a very diverse group in terms of interests. The keys to building a successful large print collection, therefore, are experimentation and creativity. Experimentation: the ability to move beyond the bestsellers or the stereotypical genres (gentle romance, cozy mystery) and try books in large type that may not have previously been part of your collection. Try a hard science fiction title, or a rock musician’s biography, or an erotic romance. Patrons may be excited to find books they’re interested in now available in a format that is convenient for them. Creativity comes in marketing the collection in new ways to new audiences. Include large print format when doing subject displays, or do a display of all large print titles. Promote it to every audience, not just those who “look like they would enjoy a larger font.Keeping the collection fresh, and getting the word out to everyone, are two ways make a winning large print collection.

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