Reasons Teachers are using Britannica eBooks

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The digital age is here to stay, and more teachers are taking advantage of eBooks in their curriculum. Here are some of the advantages of Britannica eBooks onGVRLand how teachers are infusing them into lessons to provide a more dynamic learning experience.

  1. Universal access.With Gale eBooks onGVRL学生可以在任何时候访问称号。这意味着学生不再需要在共享标题或支票簿进出。此外,学生有机会到哪里他们需要的资源:在自己的设备,在家里,还是在教室里。
  2. Guided reading across the curriculum.教师可以选择相关的科学,数学和社会研究课和使用的内容教给关键的阅读技巧小团体的非小说类冠军。电子书是一种有效的方式在合适的水平,以获得丰富的内容,为多组,而无需打印或追捕的书册。
  3. 信息文本。There is a much greater emphasis on students reading nonfiction content than ever before. eBooks give teachers access to a large volume and wide array of titles to match what they need.
  4. eBook series offer flexibility in the classroom.教师可以使用一系列教文本功能,词汇和研究技能,而每个学生都能阅读题,他们觉得最有趣的。
  5. 普通外nt choice.eBook series offer flexibility in the classroom. For example, in the Britannica Guides Series, there are 10 different titles, all set up in the same structure. Teachers can use the series to teach text features, vocabulary, and research skills, while each student can read the title that they find the most interesting.
  6. 通过MARC记录搜索。电子书provide free linked MARC records, enabling search, discovery, and access to collections from your library catalog. Gale eBooks also make citing easy, providing APA and MLA citations.
  7. In-class teaching tools.电子书是伟大的全班一起去探索。教师和学生可以插入问题和注意事项,突出重点章节,书签通道,并保存所有的审查。
  8. 普通外nt-tailored options.Teachers can select eBooks by GRL, Lexile level, and grade level to find books on the same subject at multiple reading levels. In addition, visually impaired readers can change the font size for more ease while reading.
  9. 他们是伟大的每一个人。电子书是环保的,他们比纸质图书更实惠,他们采取一些重量断......从字面上!书是如此沉重。

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