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| By Kristin Fust |

截至大风的产品经理,我喜欢与客户和学习连接他们是金宝搏彩票如何使用的电子书GVRL平台。在这些谈话中,一个共同点是通常的优点GVRL为学生提供需要更好地了解他们的研究领域的核心概念基础材料。鉴于机构只需要购买一本书的一个副本GVRLto grant access to their entire campus, this insight—coupled with an ever-increasing focus on lowering student costs—presents libraries with a great opportunity to explore eBooks onGVRL负担得起课程材料的来源。

最近enhancements toGVRLmake it easier to align your eBook collection with course offerings. For instance, libraries can create custom eBook collections that appear on theGVRLhome page and can be cross-searched or featured in an LMS or LibGuide. Collections can even be hidden from student view but still shared with faculty to facilitate collaboration.

We realize that selecting content takes time, and we want to make the process as easy as possible. Our content acquisitions team judiciously selects titles from top publishing partners, such as SAGE, ABC-CLIO, Wiley, Elsevier, and others. Whether it is a Gale title or others, we strive to provide the greatest value to our customers. In fact, when we are developing our own titles, published under the imprints of Gale, Macmillan, and Charles Scribner’s Sons, our frontlist team works with academic editorial boards and advisors, and regularly engages with customers to develop content that supports academic courses, as well as explores new and emerging fields of study.

总之,与图书馆等你的,大风旨在授权访问和洞察力的发现。金宝搏彩票我们很高兴通过提供一个轻松的电子书体验GVRLas part of that mission.

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