客户的反馈是非常重要的大风。金宝搏彩票In response to your suggestions, we are excited to announce that a number of enhancements will automatically become available in Gale’s In Context suite of products on March 26, providing increased functionality, easier access to our most used tools, and more for continuity across our resources. These changes were designed with you …Read more

10 Reasons Why GVRL is Ideal for Classroom Use

要通过电子书的指令的帮助下,这里有我们听到大风电子书上GVRL专门定位于支持指令和承受能力的倡议的10大理由。金宝搏彩票在制定这个名单的过程中,我们与图书馆员,教师合作伙伴,以及我们自己的教学设计人员和产品经理咨询。该清单应清理...Read more

Creating Purposeful Content for the Classroom

|杰西卡Bomarito |我刚刚从美国旧金山,在那里我参加NCSS-年度会议的全国委员会社会科返回。我刚到旧金山一个阴雨绵绵星期四 - 在设计提高认识城市的无家可归者的住房需求抗议之中的晚上...Read more

Two Minutes with Carrie Kotcho,
A. James Clark Director of Education & Outreach, Smithsonian National Museum of American History

Increased classroom engagement. Motivation to learn. Improved critical thinking skills. Hear Carrie C. Kotcho, A. James Clark Director of Education & Outreach, Smithsonian National Museum of American History, explain how primary source materials accomplish all this and more. In addition, you’ll be able to explore how Smithsonian Primary Sources In U.S. History puts these hand-curated …Read more

Pre-K Learning Resource Receives Update

客户的反馈是非常重要的大风。金宝搏彩票在回答您的建议,Humblebee小姐的奥斯卡用户将体验平台增强功能,新的父资源,并增加教育内容。改进课堂可用性家长和青少年学生将会看到在许多教室内的导航页面的常见功能。用户可以通过从类别进行选择?Read more

翻转课堂 - 你在哪里,当我需要你吗?

By Debra Kirby

If the flipped classroom concept had existed when I was a student, I might have avoided one of my most vivid and unpleasant childhood experiences — a home visit by my 4grade teacher after repeated but failed attempts to curb my chattiness in his classroom. Mr. Y was a very nice guy and good teacher and had tried his best by moving my desk to different locations around the classroom, including and lastly right next to his desk at the front of the room, all to no avail. I was happy to talk to him too! Watching Mr. Y get out of his car and head up our walkway was one of those frozen in time memories for me. I can still recall the panicky feeling when I realized he was coming to my house.

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Posted on June 15, 2016

By Traci Cothran


TheGoogle Classroom integration盖尔产品只金宝搏彩票提供更多的素材this truism – as it makes life much more manageable for students. Middle-grade students on up use Google Classroom to seamlessly to connect from home – or any other location via cellphone or tablet – to view classroom assignments, post their homework documents (in Word, Prezi or other software), and much more. Kids can also access e-learning texts this way, along with reference databases from their library’s collection, and our Gale databases can easily be highlighted, cut and pasted, and cited, then uploaded to the student’s Google Drive account. Easy-peasy! Sure, my daughter still has print text books, but they are no longer the primary guide to classroom activities – teachers can (and do) easily use multiple sources for lessons. It’s a Brave New World out there in education.

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How to Make Complex Concepts Clear with Technology


By Katrina Do

The advancement of new education technology is transforming classrooms across the globe. From hand-held tablets to 3D models, teachers are implementing new tools to optimize learning experiences.

Students who struggle with understanding complex concepts — whether it’s a math problem or understanding how molecules react — can benefit from innovative learning tools. Various education technologies work to engage students, helping them understand complicated ideas through visualization and hands-on experiences.

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Driving Achievements and Improving Results

Posted on May 11, 2016


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Posted on March 3, 2016

By Candy Jones-Guerin


Does your school have a butterfly garden? Are there opportunities to watch a butterfly emerge from his chrysalis in your classroom? Do you use butterflies to talk about the life cycle? We have a collection of Gale titles for grade school and middle school classes to help get you going. Take a peek and let us know how you will be integrating these resources and more in your classroom.

Butterflies and Moths, 1st Edition
This book describes and compares the physical characteristics, habitat, behavior, life cycle, diet, and reproduction of these amazing insects.

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