Five Star Finalists for 2019 Will Rogers Medallion Awards Announced

| By Gale Staff | A prolific writer and beloved entertainer Will Rogers once said, “In Hollywood, the woods are full of people that learned to write but evidently can’t read. If they could read their stuff, they’d stop writing.” Given Will’s perspective, we’re especially proud to announce that seven Five Star Publishing titles have …Read more


Willa文学奖颁发的文学中最好的荣誉,其中包括每年出版的西方的女性或女孩的故事。编写西部(WWW)的妇女,作家和其他专业人员的非营利性协会,在WWW秋季会议上每年撰写和促进妇女的西方,批评并提出国家公认的奖项。......Read more

Westerns: From Hollywood to Print

西部是20世纪初到20世纪60年代的最受欢迎的好莱坞类型,是一个游牧牛仔队的生命,武装骑马和步枪骑马,代表野生的西部。众所周知,他们可以体现新的前沿的精神,斗争和消亡,但这种类型没有......Read more