Family Ancestry

By June C.

我是在一个死胡同找到我家的祖先在一个星期六的早晨,坐在当地一家轮胎车站等我的车,我拿起佛罗里达联合时报,发现阿曼达Durish库克的一篇文章,题为“专家将指导研究of Jacksonville’s archive-worthy abodes,” telling the resources that are available at the Downtown branch of the Jacksonville Public Library on the fourth floor. There are a wealth of resources at my hands for FREE to research – I was thrilled and could not wait to get there to see if I had a new door opened for me and low and behold, there was a whole new chapter of my life story opened up. I found out that my great grandparent had come to the United States from Germany to New York, then to Jacksonville, Florida.

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By Katherine M.

从未来过的人告诉我,我会在某个库的日常工作...我还没有太惊讶!作为一个孩子,我参观了费尔菲尔德公共图书馆(CT)儿童的部门和喜爱他们的木爬升直通小房间和明亮的小家具几乎一样多,因为我爱借用一个新的故事书。我尽我所能记住知道这本书不会是我长的文字和图片。什么印象发微博,把我的书的大办公桌,看到女士们津津有味邮票,让我看起来在柜台顶部是无言地传达的信息:“照顾这本书,你可以回来更多”。作为一个补间,我继续参观费尔菲尔德公共图书馆;我从汤姆林森中学每周五我最好的朋友,以研究走在放学后。不去研究,我们尽了最大努力来抑制我们的喋喋不休和tweenage“生活乐趣”与我们的百废待兴的功课散布在卡雷尔。我用一台复印机的第一次,并怯生生地问道图书管理员告诉我怎样使用卡片目录。我检查了每一个斯蒂芬·金和Danielle Steele的书,我可以找到。两次。


I Hate Science Projects! But….

由Mike S.


My main gripe is that some kids fail to get the idea that a science project is about comparing different processes, methods, variables. The research literature you need has to do with what is already known about those variables, not about your particular combination of variables.

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