• 阅读流畅:解码速度和易于跟踪
  • 阅读理解
  • 金宝搏彩票学术成就
  • Sensory satisfaction
  • 持续阅读


  • Larger fonts and increased spacing force the eye to move more slowly, allowing students to track more easily.1
  • Print size impacts the maximum speed at which text may be read.2
  • Serif fonts aid struggling readers by making the words easier to read.3
  • 孩子被更大的领导的帮助下,消除其两倍或跳过读取时线的趋势。4
  • 阅读,易读理解和记忆铰链。


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Introducing First-Year Seminar Students to Academic Research & Career Exploration

|由迈克尔·胡珀和克里斯蒂娜·切斯特 - Fangman |金宝搏彩票盖尔的一般OneFile一贯地在克拉克斯维尔,田纳西州奥斯丁·皮艾州立大学的费利克斯·G.伍德沃德图书馆提供的最热门的研究数据库之一。它在排名靠前的五个最经常搜索的数据库在APSU在过去的五年中,有21,238搜索...Read more


On August 21, 2017, North America will see its first total solar eclipse in a century. A solar eclipse happens when the moon passes between the sun and Earth. Even though the sun is much bigger than the moon, because the moon is so much closer to us, they appear about the same size in …Read more


美国解密文件Online‘s greatest value lies in the wealth of facts and insights that it provides in connection with the political, economic, and social conditions of the United States and other countries. A significant resource for researchers in almost every discipline, this collection makes it possible for researchers to easily and quickly access and review …Read more




了解更多关于巴黎的气候协议Science In Context

目前还不清楚全球变暖和气候变化,它们有时可以互换的非科学家使用之间的区别?Science In Context有答案了!

如果你更多的是视觉学习者,看这个小讲座on global warming, orwatch this interview与奥巴马总统在气候变化的威胁。

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Mother’s Day is less than a month away. Talking with a colleague and fellow mother recently, we both made the observation that the occasion has become less about honoring our own mothers (who are no longer with us), but about our daughters. Neither of us can recall when that focus changed for us, but we both agreed that we are happy to be mothers of beautiful, accomplished, caring daughters and that we survived the often challenging and sometimes turbulent teen years.

这次谈话是在我的脑海新鲜时,我自告奋勇地审查和更新切尔西·克林顿在大风的概述文章金宝搏彩票Biography In Context,这自然导致了多少更具挑战性的想法,将是提高一个女儿之中总统的家人的经常无情覆盖。前第一夫人劳拉·布什,希拉里,和米歇尔·奥巴马都成功地提高了这些条件下女儿。这里仅仅是几个例子,这将使任何母亲感到骄傲:

  • In 2009, outgoing twin first daughters Jenna and Barbara Bush wrote a charming letter to the incoming Obama girls, Sasha and Malia, with heartfelt advice about living in the White House fishbowl. Eight years later, they wrote a second letter about adjusting to a post-White House life. [阅读文章]
  • Chelsea Clinton’s touching speech introducing her mother as the Democratic Presidential candidate at the DNC last summer is high on my list of favorite first daughter examples, but there are many more such moments and accomplishments from which to choose, including her advocacy work on behalf of the Clinton Foundation and other organizations and causes, and of course becoming a parent herself! [查看所有的切尔西·克林顿的资源可以通过的Biography In Context]

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|通过洛瑞沃伦|位于查塔努加的STEM学校在夏季的查塔努加州立社区学院校区开设2012年。高中的名字代表着科学,技术,工程和数学。所有学生入学:收到一个iPad,参与基于项目的学习单元,以及追求STEM中心课程。由于他们的...Read more


近来,大风与视觉学习金宝搏彩票系统,教育科学出版社,其使命是为客户提供高品质的,基于视觉内容的指示,挑战,激发青少年学生合作。Nearly 900 high-quality educational videos on concepts essential to STEM learning have been added to Gale’s Research In Context and Science In Context. Approximately 750 videos, including videos on topics frequently studied in …Read more




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Product Update: Exciting Video Additions and Increased Text Size to Kids InfoBits!

近来,大风与视觉学习金宝搏彩票系统,教育科学出版社,其使命是为客户提供高品质的,基于视觉内容的指示,挑战,激发青少年学生合作。在概念必须使阀杆学习近600个优质教育影片已被添加到孩子InfoBits。这些最近添加和强大的教学工具是大约1-3分钟......Read more