Daughters Who Make the First Ladies Proud

|By Debra Kirby |

Mother’s Day is less than a month away. Talking with a colleague and fellow mother recently, we both made the observation that the occasion has become less about honoring our own mothers (who are no longer with us), but about our daughters. Neither of us can recall when that focus changed for us, but we both agreed that we are happy to be mothers of beautiful, accomplished, caring daughters and that we survived the often challenging and sometimes turbulent teen years.

这次谈话是在我的脑海新鲜时,我自告奋勇地审查和更新切尔西·克林顿在大风的概述文章金宝搏彩票Biography In Context,这自然导致了多少更具挑战性的想法,将是提高一个女儿之中总统的家人的经常无情覆盖。前第一夫人劳拉·布什,希拉里,和米歇尔·奥巴马都成功地提高了这些条件下女儿。这里仅仅是几个例子,这将使任何母亲感到骄傲:

  • In 2009, outgoing twin first daughters Jenna and Barbara Bush wrote a charming letter to the incoming Obama girls, Sasha and Malia, with heartfelt advice about living in the White House fishbowl. Eight years later, they wrote a second letter about adjusting to a post-White House life. [Read the article]
  • Chelsea Clinton’s touching speech introducing her mother as the Democratic Presidential candidate at the DNC last summer is high on my list of favorite first daughter examples, but there are many more such moments and accomplishments from which to choose, including her advocacy work on behalf of the Clinton Foundation and other organizations and causes, and of course becoming a parent herself! [View all of the Chelsea Clinton resources available throughBiography In Context]

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