Vegan Cooking: Resources for Non-Carnivorous Patrons


By Tina Creguer


Cooking is the #5 most circulating non-fiction eBook category, according toLibrary Journal’s电子书使用美国公共图书馆,第五年度调查,2014年

What resources do you have to support cooks in your community? How about vegan cooks?

Your recipe for supporting vegans

现在你可以提供优秀的资源织女星n cooks (and others interested in cooking). Gale offers the best titles in eBook format for you to deliver to community members anytime, anywhere – yes, even standing in their kitchen with a tablet.

有些人不能参透素食者吃的留下来满足,但它很简单。“美国农业部确实提供了一些建议素食电源板adapting the MyPlate dietary guidelines for vegetarians. Following their lead, PCRM has taken its New Four Food Groups concept to the next level, creating what they call the Power Plate, which is geared toward vegans, with recommendations from only plant-based sources. The Power Plate skips the beverage part of the USDA’s MyPlate place setting model. Instead, it focuses entirely on dividing your dinner plate into quarters and suggests filling your plate with a wide variety of whole grains, legumes, and plenty of colorful fruits and veggies for a powerful healthy and optimal vegan diet,” (“Nourishing Yourself.”The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Vegan Living)。

With theThe Complete Idiot’s Guide to Low-Fat Vegan Cooking’s对于潮湿炖肉,辣椒和谷物碗食谱,素食主义者可以享受到舒适的食物和其他人一样这个冬天!

These and other cooking titles are available on theGVRL电子书平台,以其高质量的内容和恒星的功能。


GVRLprovides persistent URLs, which allow libraries to embed stable links in programming and resources lists – with the confidence that patrons will be able to link to these resources consistently and without redirection or dead ends. And eBooks have the additional advantage of being accessible around the clock by any number of users in your community. So, if you’re providing a workshop on do-it-yourself topics such as cooking, an unlimited number of students will be able to access content simultaneously – without interfering with others reading the same content remotely.

事实上,我们邀请您来探索这个指南建立一个烹饪节目in your library as part of your outreach mission. Your program can encourage people to try new dishes, experiment with new cooking techniques, share culinary skills, and explore your library as a source of information to support their interests.

想知道更多吗GVRL? Check out this YouTube video showing how easy it is to search and explore eBooks – with seamless access to related information across titles.

Taste-test vegan and other cooking titles – for free



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