19th Century Nitty-Gritty: Time to Enroll at Ye Old Boarding School

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19th c NG, Week 2由梅丽莎·雷纳


So I found this image of a Dumbledore doppelganger, and my inner geek got very excited. If you’re anything like me, the Harry Potter series made you daydream not just about being a wizard, but also about attending boarding school. Well, since our time travels are already pretty magical, today I’d like to take you back in time to a nineteenth century boarding school.



Now, the first school we’ll be visiting today is an all girls’ school led by the judicious Mrs. Williams. And her mission?



While the sentiment may be odd, the language is beautiful. Perhaps this place has a great literature program. Let’s take a look at the curriculum.


My, it is wordy, isn’t it? Skimming, skimming. “Dormant virtues, sense of decorum and propritey.”嗯。“孝,德,仁,审慎,经济的原则。”嗯。嗯。Whoa, what’s this part about the main purpose being to domesticate these girls and qualify them for a private life? What ever happened to the staples of Reading, Riting, and Rithmetic?

I don’t think this school is for us.

Next up we have “The Sandwich Collegiate Institute.” Oh, that sounds fantastic! Let’s look at their curriculum straight away. We don’t want to be lured in by flowery language. What we need is the facts.


We can major in “social life”? All right, I’m hooked! What’s this going to cost me?

cost of an education




The article goes on to say:

This system of education takes young, robust, romping girls, and transforms them to slow, languid, pale, worthless women. To acquire skill on the piano, a little bad French, and a namby-pamby knowledge of a few of the “English branches,” they sacrifice health, energy, all capacity for the duties of womanhood,而不是生活不频繁本身。我们的情况下,处方上的这些言论是建立,是的,当然,一个简单的 - 留在家中,并公开放弃寄宿学校。

Are you second-guessing our enrollment? Me too. Why did we even decide to matriculate in the first place?

Oh, right, Harry Potter. Well, maybe we can spare ourselves the experiential knowledge and just read a novel on the matter. I hear “The Boarding-school Girl” is good.

这是19世纪的答案,哈利·波特?在寄宿学校的女孩:由L. C.夫人塔海尔
这是19世纪的答案,哈利·波特?点击阅读的寄宿学校的女孩:由L. C.塔海尔夫人。


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