Accidental Librarian

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By Katelyn H.

作为一个孩子,我是一个贪婪的读者,和library was thankfully an easy walk from our house. By the time I hit high school, it became something else: my first employer. I was drawn to the work for less than noble reasons, as I was mostly interested in a job that didn’t require me to work evenings on the weekends, or major holidays (check!) Although I was always on-time and rarely missed work, I was occasionally scolded for reading in the stacks as I was shelving. I was ready to move on to something else upon graduation. Fast-forward a decade later, and I find myself working in an academic library, teaching students skills that help them become information literate and better researchers. I love what I do and never would have thought that I would have found in a career in libraries. Sorry for reading in the stacks though, Linda!

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