Three Cheers for Gale Interactive


金宝搏彩票盖尔Interactive-可视化学习工具,可以帮助教师在生物学,化学和人类解剖结构复杂的教学主题,用户可以缩放,旋转,探索3D模型与超越静态文本的科学互动。通过统一学习策略和国家的最先进的技术,金宝搏彩票盖尔互动helps boost student engagement, comprehension, and retention of complex science concepts.

近日,ARBA和CCAdvisor给他们的反馈金宝搏彩票大风互动,see what they said:



- 美式参考书年度


3D models give students the ability to magnify, pull apart, or manipulate different body systems; furthermore, the detail provided in these models makes it easy identify anatomical structures down to the smallest detail.

- 美式参考书年度

Gale and Vived have done an outstanding job designing a product that simultaneously provides quality 3D models and excellent reference materials…GIHA is a reliable resource that provides users with authoritative content from books, academic journals, news and images…GIHA is easy to navigate and simple to use…Overall, the database is an excellent resource for students, faculty and advanced researchers seeking 3D models and reference content for human anatomy.



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