August Spotlight: Back-to-School!

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By Gale Training

每个月,大风培训团队聚光灯新的特金宝搏彩票色资源,让您了解如何在你的学校或图书馆使用培训的想法。按需教程,在线研讨会,材料及详情,请访问资源培训中心. Below is this month’s “Training Spotlight.”

Say it with us …”Where has the summer gone?”

Seems like back-to-school time just sneaks up on us. Are you ready?


Use our proven, mobile-friendly learning resources to make back-to-school easier for everyone:

Student Resources in Context鼓励学生运用批判性思维技能,帮助他们转型,从高中到大学。更妙的是,国家和国家标准都可以与具体标准相关主题的链接。上网本recorded webinarto get a complete picture of howStudent Resources in Contextcan help you, the teachers and, of course, the students.

研究背景是我们的新中学产品。它的外观配合和易用性将使得寻找权威的信息更容易 - 和更成功 - 不是依靠开放的Web上。检查它在这些上的需求,你可以在你的图书馆自己的网站上嵌入帮助教师学生们。

研究背景– Basics

研究背景– Searching

研究背景– Topic Pages and Documents

Bookmarks!With just a few simple steps, teachers can link directly to the Gale在上下文中文章他们希望自己的学生阅读。分享这个提示表with your fellow teachers and librarians to show them how to link to vetted searches, get handpicked articles, and create a reading list from just one tool in the Gale resources.

测试与教育咨询中心(TERC) helps up-and-coming graduates find the perfect next step, whether it’s college, trade-school certification, or a transition into the workforce. Walk them through the links to scholarships, financial aid and distance learning programs; allow them access to take ACT & SAT practices tests; and guide them to a unique resume.