Boost Learning Opportunities for National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week

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| By Gale Staff |

Learning isn’t just child’s play.

It’s fun. It’s engaging. And it shapes lives—young and old.

Come September, there’s a whole revolution brewing. It’s National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week, and libraries are leading the charge. Take this chance to celebrate the power of learning and how it can transform the lives of people everywhere.

How can you take part in the fun? Let’s dive in further.

What Is Adult Education and Family Literacy Week?

Every year, the second-to-last full week of September celebrates National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week.

This exceptional event focuses on fostering adult education and literacy. The aim is to get adults interested in learning new skills and, of course, reading more books.

During the week, librarians take part in various activities to promote literacy and adult education. These events typically include reading groups and book discussions, but they can also include more active endeavors like creating art or learning new skills. The purpose of these events is to encourage lifelong learning while bringing people together.

The Value of Adult Education and Family Literacy

Age is no restrictor. Learning is for everyone.

Adult education is a crucial facet of lifelong learning, allowing learners to embrace new skills, knowledge, and career growth opportunities.

Education, for people from all walks of life, is all about continual growth. It’s not just about making your way through school and getting a good job. It’s about expanding your horizons, reaching new heights, and broadening your outlook on life.

Family literacy, on the other hand, is an initiative to inspire parents to instill a love of reading into their children. Essentially, families learn and grow together, aiding language and literacy skill development.

Adult education and family literacy work together as a powerful supporting pillar for both adult and student achievement. As a librarian, you have the power to stoke this fire.

Find Ideas for Celebrating in Your Library

Browse the ideas below that you can integrate into your library to support adult education and family literacy.

  • Gamification:Develop a thematic literacy game or scavenger hunt where participants must complete reading and writing challenges. Create a point system for participants completing literacy tasks.
  • Cultural events:Partner with local cultural organizations to present cultural stories and histories, exploring the importance of literacy within different communities. Initiate events where participants can practice their literacy skills through experiencing world literature, poetry, and art.
  • Storytelling and digital storytelling: Host a themed storytelling event where participants can share personal stories, practice their listening and speaking skills, and learn elements of effective storytelling. Or organize workshops on digital storytelling using audio, video, and images, encouraging participants to create their personal narratives and share their final projects.
  • Guest speakers:Invite authors, teachers, or industry professionals to talk about their experiences with literacy and suggest ways to improve reading and writing. Arrange a panel discussion on the importance of literacy and its impact on the job market and personal growth.
  • Conversations/coffee sessions with leaders:Set up informal gatherings where participants can discuss their literacy challenges and achievements with local leaders, gaining insights and support. Plan Q&A sessions focusing on participants’ specific needs and interests, creating an open dialogue in a relaxed setting.
  • Contests:举办写作比赛诗歌、短篇小说、or essays, with opportunities to win prizes and have work published or displayed in the library. Organize a reading challenge with different categories, levels, and awards to motivate and engage learners.
  • Social media challenges:Create a library social media account promoting daily or weekly literacy tasks for users to complete and share their experiences. Develop a hashtag campaign for participants to engage with and share their literacy achievements or progress with friends and the broader community.

Extend Learning Horizons with Gale Resources

Educational empowerment isn’t limited to a week-long national event but a commitment to fostering knowledge and growth every day.

Transform your library into a hub of learning during National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week and beyond with Gale resources. From career planning tools to on-demand upskilling platforms, you can make your library an accessible space for adult literacy and learning with Gale.

Provide robust support for adults looking to continue their education or advance in their chosen careers withGale Presents: Peterson’s Test and Career Prep. With this resource, you can connect adults in your community to standardized exam preparation, college planning, career planning, and job search tools.

For adults who are hoping to upskill in their current positions or change their career paths, offer access toGale Presents: Udemy. This upskilling platform offers a vast collection of expert-led video courses covering relevant in-demand workforce skills in business, technology, design, and more.

Find training guides, tip sheets, and more to help connect your community to these continuing education resources inthis support hub for National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week.

Remember, learning is a lifelong endeavor. No matter who you are, or your walk of life, there is always something new to learn.

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