Built by Association, Part II – Making (Local) Connections, Joining Forces

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Posted on February 19, 2016

By Tina Creguer

Lizette is managing director of a non-profit organization focused on preventing prescription drug overdose – a growing health problem sweeping the nation and a particular problem in her county. They have programs in hand ready to implement, but they lack funding and volunteers to make it happen. She wonders if there are resources and groups close by with a shared interest that may be interested in joining forces on this topic. But she’s not sure how to connect with them.

With Gale’sEncyclopedia of Associations: Regional, State and Local(RSL), Lizette can pinpoint valuable information for appropriate state, regional, and local groups from a comprehensive list of nearly 95,000 non-profit organizations in the US. She can discover not only names and addresses, but get background information such as purpose, activities, conferences, membership dues, and much more.

RSL isupdated annually to ensure that all data is current and relevant, and it’s available in print and online throughGale Directory Library.

WithGale Directory Library,you can make information available digitally anytime, anywhere. Patrons can access theEncyclopedia of Associations: Regional, State and Localwherever and whenever they need them to find relevant results quickly and make informed decisions.

Find out how you can help Lizette and patrons just like her connect with people and organizations close to home to provide services, build their business, and grow professionally.

Request afree trialtoEncyclopedia of Associations:Regional, State and Localtoday.


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