Career Online High School Going Strong in NJ, Part II

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On October 6, 2014, the新泽西州立图书馆(NJSL) launchedCareer Online High School(COHS),六个库。退房第一部分to learn how they got started and promoted COHS. Now, I’ll dive further into the program and awarding diplomas.

Selecting Students

“The criteria we use at the Elizabeth Public Library to select students is how they project their desire to improve their lives and their level of commitment to completing the program. We also factor in their availability to dedicate their time to the courses, and access to computers,” José Ruiz-Alvarez stated.

Successful students have:

  • Time to devote to coursework—optimally 8-10 hours per week
  • 访问的计算机上互联网,在家里或在图书馆
  • Support from their friends or family, in addition to support from library staff and an assigned academic coach

The six New Jersey libraries select students through this process:

  1. Potential student completes online self-assessment on the library’s COHS website
  2. 图书馆接触的学生,有一个电话采访
  3. 合格的学生提供获得一个预备课程
  4. 库进行一次面对面的面对面采访谁传的前提学生
  5. 库中选取合格的候选人进行
  6. Selected students sign a commitment pledge and enroll as official COHS students

The Executive Director of Trenton Free Public Library, Kimberly Matthews, reiterates, “We are looking for students who successfully complete their prerequisite in addition to demonstrating a sincere commitment to the program. We are looking for individuals we believe are serious and willing to put in the effort necessary to successfully complete the program.”




Final Words

“Because of the many informational webinars [with NJSL and Gale] we attended prior to the launch, our staff felt well-prepared to manage each stage of the program. As the program progressed, Gale remained in contact with updates. Most importantly, any time our staff encountered a problem or a question we could not answer, we received a prompt response from our Customer Care Consultants.”

- 丽莎桑顿,苏格兰平原公共图书馆

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