Comics: From Pulp to Educational Reading


|By Jennifer Stock |

It should come as no surprise that kids love comic books and graphic novels. After all, when modern comic books first emerged in the 1930s, their main readers were children. During the Golden Age of Comics, kids embraced Superman (1938), Batman (1939), Captain America (1941), and Wonder Woman (1941), as well as comics featuring Disney characters like Mickey Mouse.

In the 1950s, the appropriateness of comics for kids came into question. In 1954 the U.S. Senate held hearings on comic books and juvenile delinquency—in response, the comics industry formed the Comic Code Authority to regulate content. With the rise of the counterculture movement of the 1960s and the work of Art Spiegelman and others, the comics industry began to create more and more adult-themed content. Kids were still reading comics, to be sure, but they were no longer just for kids—and a large number, such as Alan Moore’s守望者和弗兰克·米勒的罪恶之城,是决然为孩子们。


在雷纳·特尔格梅耶尔的畅销图画小说,a youngster experiences the healing power of Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.

As the mother of a fourth-grader, I can attest to this popularity. This year, my daughter’s entire class (independent of any assignment) has been devouring everything by Raina Telgemeier, the Eisner award-winning author of the graphic novel微笑,a memoir based on the author’s childhood experiences with braces. The kids are talking about the books, complaining that they are always checked out of the school library, and even sharing personal copies among themselves.

而作为家长,知道不是所有的漫画适合年轻读者,它可以是一个挑战,找到更多的书是适合我的孩子。但也有资源在那里。许多漫画书商店包括为孩子们的部分。各种组织制定了“最佳”名单,以帮助家长,老师和图书管理员识别图形小说,将捕获孩子们的兴趣。我的一些最喜欢的是从美国图书馆协会,学校图书馆学报,andA Mighty Girl

Another great resource is Gale’s讲一下作者。Each volume in this ongoing series provides illustrated profiles of approximately 75 children’s authors and illustrators. The entries feature biographical and critical information (book reviews), along with book descriptions. This content is extremely valuable to parents, teachers, and librarians who are trying to help kids find graphic novels and other books that are 1) appropriate for their age, maturity, and reading level and 2) will capture their interest and imagination. Furthermore, several children’s and YA authors write for multiple age groups, including adults.讲一下作者can help parents determine which of an author’s works are appropriate for their kids.

The most recent volumes of讲一下作者涵盖多个图形小说家。Volume 322includesRaina Telgemeier;Matthew Holm,co-creator of theBabymousegraphic novels; and吉尔汤姆森,author of theScary Godmother漫画书。Volume 323特征Jessica Abel时,图形新颖的作者崔西垃圾桶:压路机火星的女孩


讲一下作者是在印刷和电子书格式提供我们的GVRL平台,learn more >>


Jennifer Stock is a senior content developer at Gale, a Cengage Company, where she began her career as an assistant editor some seventeen years ago. In that time, she has worked on a variety of projects, including eBooks and electronic databases, for both K-12 and academic audiences.


  1. I gifted the graphic novel version of A Wrinkle in Time to three kids this year. At least one of them has moved on the original narrative version since then.

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