Engaging with the World: New Content Added to Kids InfoBits

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| By Gintas Bradunas |

你曾经被一个孩子的见地问题留下了深刻印象?通常情况下,当我们认为青少年学生不听,他们是。更重要的是,他们年轻的好奇感的手段,他们正在积极想办法使他们看到和听到的意思。教育在其最好的已经足够满足这种好奇心,并准备学习者与他们周围的世界有意义地参与。对于教育工作者和家长,大风的金宝搏彩票Kids InfoBitshas been a strong partner in this mission and we are pleased to announce that Gale has partnered withYoungzineto bring new content toKids InfoBitsto better support young, curious learners.

Youngzine is a publication focused on bringing to children content that helps them learn more about current events and the world in a way that is age-appropriate and free from bias and sensationalism. Included in the Youngzine collection forKids InfoBitsare over 1000 articles spanning a wide range of topics including government and politics, science and technology, and the environment. This content includes entries such as:

这些新的资源,有利于学生的方式,安全且无不良内容更多地了解他们周围的世界。与Youngzine一起,大风的金宝搏彩票Kids InfoBitswill continue to prepare students for informed citizenship through promotion of literacy and access to reliable resources.

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As a product manager at Gale, Gintas Bradunas works to leverage his past experiences as a middle-school teacher and Teach for America corps member to help make products that students and educators will love. He’s an avid reader, lover of podcasts and a believer that everything can be made better with a cup of coffee.