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在你和任何人聊天时提到“性”这个词and you’re likely to get a variety of responses from rational to emotional to visceral depending on whom you are speaking to.

“Did you just say ‘sex’?”


“I’m so embarrassed right now that I’m blushing.”





除非你是Ruth Westheimer博士,否则性别不是大多数人在随意的谈话中提出的东西。然而,它是,并且总是在我们作为一个物种的核心,以及我们学习,写下,痴迷,阅读关于和(我们中的一些人)的主题经常考虑。

Teehan,Michael Fabian和Stephen T. Bayles。标准性知识与健康百科全书:由M. F. Teehan ...。标准酒吧。公司,[c。1922]。性别和性别档案


Thomas, William Isaac. Sex and society: studies in the social psychology of sex. University of Chicago Press, 1907. Archives of Sexuality & Gender.


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性别那the noun, is defined as either sexual activity or a categorization of female or male.在后一种情况下,定义与性别的定义重叠。然而,性通常侧重于生物学,而性别则重点关注身份 - 一般文化和社会 - 并不总是对应于女性或男性的想法。在任何对性和性别的沉思中,必须考虑性行为,这可能意味着性活动,性取向或偏好或性感。

Knight, Melvin Moses, et al. Taboo and genetics: a study of the biological, sociological and psychological foundation of the family, by M. M. Knight, PH. D., Iva Lowther Peters, PH. D. [and] Phyllis Blanchard …. Moffat, Yard and Company, 1920. Archives of Sexuality & Gender.

Why are we contemplating sex in a blog post, you may be wondering?因为大风创建了一金宝搏彩票个名为档案性和性行为,第十六世纪十六世纪part of性别和性别档案program, and it is a collection like no other. Within the archive, you can to accessthree unique collections

  1. Private Case from the British Library,最初由4000多名“淫秽” books kept locked away in cases or cupboards in the Keeper’s room. Today, there are just over 2,500 volumes in the Private Case; several books were moved out of the collection over time as social mores changed. The collection primarily spans the 18th到20.thMany of the books came from private bequests (some anonymously), making for some interesting research opportunities into the lives of the original owners.

d'冰冷,雅克。FIFI l'arpète。涉及Dans Les Ateliers Parisiens等[与盘子和插图。]。集合«Orties Blanches»,[1922]。性别和性别档案。
From the collection of Charles Reginald Dawes (1879-1964). Part of the “Collection des orties blanches”. Charles Reginald Dawes (1879-1964) was a collector of erotica, bibliographer and writer who published bibliographic studies of Restif de la Bretonne and the Marquis de Sade.


在世界各地的许多机构中存在或存在私人案例“或隔离收集。As you have been made aware, the British Library holds a famous Private Case. Now researchers can browse the collection themselves. The Bodleian Library holds the Phi Collection, the U.S. Library of Congress had the Delta Collection, the New York Public Library the *** Collection, the wonderfully-named Enfer (Hell) at the Bibliothèque nationale de France and Giftschrank (literally, poison cabinet) at the Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek are all examples of private cases. Some of these collections remain difficult to access. Others have been dispersed among the broader library collections, making it harder to see them as they were and understand why they were locked away in the first place.

记住,并不是所有的书都关门了up behind closed doors;许多人被目的地收集,以创造性别和性的语料库(也许这是一个有点舌头的脸颊)。像MagnusHirschfeld,Alfred Kinsey,Havelock Ellis等的先驱者和其他许多人创造了材料图书馆,以研究人类的性行为。学习的社会,学术机构,图书馆和博物馆建金宝搏彩票立了关于性别和性行为的各个方面的集合,以保护知识和促进认真研究。之内性和性行为,第十六世纪十六世纪,Kinsey Institute和纽约医学院材料都代表了学术研究的专门收藏。金宝搏彩票

  1. 来自性研究的特殊主题单位:从统计到情色的早期文学那is a collection from theAlfred C. Kinsey Institute for Sex Research主要来自18岁th到19.thcenturies, with some books from the 17th和20thcenturies as well. Dr. Kinsey founded the Institute for Sex Research to study human sexual behavior as well as to promote the serious study of sex, gender and sexuality. This collection represents some of the first materials Dr. Kinsey acquired to further his research.



3. Established in 1847, the纽约医学院continues to promote its vision that everyone has the opportunity to live a healthy life. More than 1,500 books in sex, sexuality and gender studies, some from the 16thcentury, are presented from the Academy Library collection, bridging the history of medicine, the humanities and the arts.

TP。木刻;1550-1570之间的Jan Van Ghelen Edition重印;绑定:旧的Vellum手稿叶包装员de natuere ende complexie der vrouwen ......Jacob Bosselaer,1599.性别和性别档案。

Vernacular manual on women’s health。In addition to examining the four humors and their relation to the health of both men and women, this “Dutch folk book” also deals with herbal remedies, sex, the frequency of sex and its consequences, ways to facilitate and prevent conception and pregnancy. The book is primarily directed at men rather than women.

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全面的,性和性行为,第十六世纪十六世纪is made up of more than 5,500 rare and unique books涵盖整个科学和人文学科以及整个历史。这是在此档案中涵盖的各种标题和受试者,使其有趣。

Alfred Kinsey博士的报价是档案包容的代表:

“A sex library, unlike a library in any other subject, must draw material from a diversity of fields. Not only must biology, medicine, psychology, psychiatry, and other sciences be represented, but also material from purely literary sources, from the Classics, from modern fiction, from poetry, from art, from law, from religious literature, and from many other fields.”


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And here, a beautifully (and erotically) illustrated work that is possibly a fictitious sexual autobiography; the imprint is also fictitious. Published in Paris, the author is anonymous.

Ma vie secrète。[s.n.], 1885.性别和性别档案


Here’s a book on marriage and procreation.

Fowler, Orson Squire.爱与亲整员:适用于后代的改进:包括对恋人的重要方向和建议以及结婚关于最强烈的关系和最神圣和最神圣的生活关系。13th ed., Fowlers and Wells, 1847.性别和性别档案


And a book on the consequences of adultery.

Gill, R.通奸的新系列:或现代勇车和离婚的一般历史。含有各种最令人显着的试验,听到并在医生的公共场所,国王的长凳,&C中确定。&C。对于通奸,淫乱,残酷和其他刑事谈话,&c。&C。to obtain divorces or damages, from the year 1780, to the present time … By a civilian of Doctors’ Commons, etc. (A new volume. A new and complete collection of the most remarkable trials … from … 1780, to … 1802 … By R. Gill, Esq. and a civilian of Doctors’ Commons, etc.)。Vol. 2, Printed for the Proprietors, Sold by J. Gill, 1802.性别和性别档案

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By presenting materials across a range of topical areas and time periods,读者有机会从各种角度探索性和性的迷人科目。对于禁止的果实,人们肯定可以在档案中找到情色,但收集远远超出简单的刺激和色情内容。您还将在复制,爱情,婚姻和婚外性交书中找到书籍;女性,同性恋,健康和卫生的地位;性犯罪,神话,诗歌和我个人最喜欢的,音乐,剧院和舞蹈的不道德效果。档案呈现出通过性欲镜头看到的社会和文化的历史。读者可以发现自己对性别和性别角色的看法随着时间的推移而发展,并确定其历史背景下的性别,性和性别的许多方式会影响我们的生活。


  • Dunton, John.死亡床悔改的危害,公平地争论了令人谨慎态度的末期悔恨的悔恨p., 1708.
  • alcott,威廉安德鲁斯。这young wife, or Duties of woman in the marriage relation: by Wm. A. Alcott第7届。,G. W. Light,1838年。
  • Marvel,Charles,编辑。Love frolics of a young scamp。George Vickers, 1864.
  • Meibom, Johann Heinrich, et alA treatise of the use of flogging in venereal affairs: also of the office of the loins and reins: written to the famous Christianus Cassius: by John Henry Meibomius; made English from the Latin original by a physician[S.N.],[18-]。
  • 霍华德,克利福德。性崇拜:对宗教的阴茎起源的阐述:由Clifford Howard5th ed., Chicago Medical Book Co., 1909.
  • LaCroix,保罗。Geschichte der prostitution bei allen völkern von der urzeit bis zur gegenwart第五次。,卷。2,p. langenscheidt,[1907]。
  • 业余鞭打。Experiences Of Flagellation. A Series Of Remarkable Instances Of Whipping Inflicted On Both Sexes … Compiled By An Amateur FlagellantPrinted for Private Circulation, 1885.
  • Davenport, John.Aphrodisiacs and anti-aphrodisiacs, etc.私人印刷,1869年。
  • FétichismeAmoureux.Librairie Galante [1923]。

In the past, many of these materials would have been locked away, hidden from the public and general readership, only available to certain learned professionals, or part of someone’s private library.一些书籍被标记为淫秽,猥亵,色情或丑闻,一些实际上是(取决于你的观点)。一个着名的案例是Fanny Hill,也被称为一个愉快的女人的回忆录,这被禁止在U.K.到1960年代。存档中的搜索将在英语,法语,德语,荷兰语,匈牙利语和意大利语中产生副本。

Cleland, John. Mémoires de Fanny Hill, femme de plaisir. Compositions en couleurs de Edouard Chimot. [A prospectus.]. N.p., [1954]. Archives of Sexuality & Gender.
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克兰,约翰和埃里奇·费尔德哈默尔。[Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure.] Die Memoiren der Fanny Hill. [Translated by Erich Feldhammer. With plates by Franz von Bayros.]。Vol. 1, n.p., 1906.性别和性别档案


然而some of the books were locked away as much for their own protection as that of the public。Librarians, archivists and curators saw the value in keeping these books safe, whether from those who might wish to steal them, destroy them or suppress them, all while making them available for research purposes. The New York Academy of Medicine notes that这性别Side of Life(Mary Ware Dennett,C1919)是年轻人的性教育小册子,由美国邮局被视为1922年的淫秽。丹尼特于1928年由联邦法院审判,并被犯有邮件分配淫秽材料罪。Request a trialto read这性别Side of Lifefor yourself to see what all the fuss was about. You can also readNew Ideas that Challenged Old Convictions: Banned Booksat the Academy website for more information and to adopt a banned book.

Dennett, Mary Ware.生活的性别方面。n.p.,[c。1919]。性别和性别档案


Regardless of the reason a book was locked away or made somewhat difficult to access, the keepers of the forbidden books did us a great favour, they preserved a valuable historical record that helps us better understand ourselves, our culture and society.

现在是你有机会探索这个美妙的“性图书馆”。性别和性别档案:性和性行为,第十六世纪十六世纪offers a fascinating collection of historical material providing multiple perspectives on the study of sex, sexuality and gender. Don’t be afraid to peek beneath the book covers and have a look around!

哦,在书套的主题上,查看私事案件和纽约医学院学院gorgeous examples of marbled book covers。以下是您的观看乐趣:

Beverland,Adrian和Francis David Byrne。这law concerning draped virginity: an academical study: by Adrian Beverland; translated for the first time with philological and other explanatory notes by Francis D. Byrne。C. Carrington, 1905.性别和性别档案


Taruffi, Cesare.Storia della teratologia。Vol. 6, Regia tip, 1891.性别和性别档案


Chansonnier du Bordel ......,Nouvelleédition,Revue,Corrigée,Augmentéede12Chansons。N.p., 1833.性别和性别档案


De Voisenon, Claude Henri Fusée, and Anne Gabriel Meusnier De Querlon.Les Exercices de devotion de M. Henri Roch avec Madame la duchesse de Condor … Edition revue sur l’edition originale … et sur l’edition de Vaucluse, 1786. F. P.N.P. [1875]。性别和性别档案


Pheuquewell, Roger, and Thomas Stretser.Merryland的新描述......第五版。[编辑前言的作者作为罗杰Pheuquewell。]。在那里用J. Leake打印和销售;并通过E. Curll,1741。性别和性别档案


Merdiana, ou Manuel des chieurs … Quatrième édition。4th ed., Au Bureau Des Vidangeurs, 1814.性别和性别档案

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Learn more or request a trial of the性别和性别档案,第三部分。


菲尔Virta在盖尔工作了超过14个是的金宝搏彩票rs in various capacities, most recently as a publisher of digital primary source archives in charge of the性别和性别档案程序。他喜欢穿过尘土飞扬的档案馆收藏,参观远扑的地方,常客们。当他没有云层的头时,他可以找到研究新的档案想法,在他的邮票收藏,看着松鼠或计划下一个热带度假。“He was a dreamer, a thinker, a speculative philosopher… or, as his wife would have it, an idiot.”谢谢Douglas Adams。

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