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By Michelle Eickmeyer

在这里,我们去 - 这是13号星期五!长期持有能回到运气,13号星期五有是一个问题可疑的区别。但你迷信吗?而且是每个人都迷信以同样的方式?


As an American, I think it’s weird that people in Europe don’t put ice in their drinks or serve their drinks cooler than room temperature, by and large. That you sometimes kiss people hello two times, or three times, or just once but on the lips. That when you give someone the peace sign it really matters that you hold out your hand with your palm facing them. (Learned that one the hard way…) Don’t let black cats cross your path. Don’t step on sidewalk cracks (oh, the poor mothers out there). Don’t break mirrors, look away while “cheers”-ing, forget to wear green on 17 March, open an umbrella inside, hold toads, give an empty wallet, walk under ladders, or forget to knock on wood when you talk about how great life is. Talk about inventing problems!

“航班从地狱。”麦克莱恩30Sept. 2013

挣扎求生从哥本哈根飞到赫尔辛基。On one Friday the 13th, this flight, numbered 666, flew a nearly full load of passengers from CPH to … well… HEL. Were the pilots worried?

“A total eclipse of the brain; Superstition and finance.”经济学家[美] 2009年7月25日

When I think of professions driven by superstition, I think of athletes and emergency room staff. The presence of rally caps, playoff beards, dirty socks and myriad other things makes superstition in sports clear to anyone with eyes or ears (or a nose, but let’s not get into that). I have enough family in the medical field to know that crazy (read: sometimes ludicrous and stupid) things happen on with the full moon. But stock brokers? This Economist article examines a connection between ‘gut’ and the moon? Crazy? Maybe. Maybe not.


Immediately, I think of the movie/series Friday the 13th. I would comment on this, but have never seen it as I am an especially jumpy person. (Psychological thriller? Any day. Blood bath? Pass.) There are a handful of poems with superstition in the title, but did you know there was a play, written in 1824, called “Superstition”? (Me either.)

迷信和南方的民间传说。 Twayne的研究中短篇小说72,1998年。

This piece, an example of hundreds, offers insight into how beliefs such as voodoo, the devil, church, neighbors, slaves, medicine, and religion shaped the literature and history of the south. How new things are seen, dealt with and talked about had immense power, even before those stories were written down.

麦克白迷信的早期十七世纪起源。Notes and Queries 49, 2002.



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