Gale Kids InfoBits Product Enhancements Launching on May 29

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|通过Gintas Bradunas和Jennifer兰德|

Let the countdown begin! On Friday, May 29, 2020,Gale Kids InfoBitswill receive product enhancements and becomeGale In Context: Elementary. These product enhancements are designed to increase access to library resources and have a greater impact on user success, both in the classroom and online.

Product screen capture as of March 2020. Actual interface may vary.

The updated product name—Gale In Context: Elementary—reflects Gale’s commitment toward supporting the full progression of a student as they develop their research abilities. It also empowers educators with additional clarity around which product best fits the needs of their students.

In addition to an updated product name,Gale Kids InfoBits还将获得以下产品增强功能:

  • Kid-Friendly Interface

  • Topic Pages(previously known as portals)
    Topic pages provide students with short, age-appropriate summaries for topics and organize resources for easy use in research projects.

  • 拉平内容

  • I Wonder . . .

  • 丰富的内容
    Search through over 16,600 indexed images, 600 videos, and 1,700 charts and graphs.

  • Powerful Platform
    The migration to a new proprietary platform will allow users to:

    • 由蓝思范围搜索或基于初级,中级或高级的学习水平,以支持差异化学习方式查找内容。

    • 使用ReadSpeaker文本到语音技术和按需的文章翻译成20多种语言,在屏幕上,朗读。

    • 使用引文工具来轻松地创建他们的研究书目。

    • 使用要点和注意事项功能注释并跟踪他们的问题和想法。

Product screen capture as of March 2020. Actual interface may vary.

Training and support materials will be available in the coming months to help make this a smooth transition for libraries. Stay tuned for more information!