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By Kevin Rygiel

With the summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro coming to a close, your patrons might have a continued interest to familiarize themselves with the sporting events. Thanks toGVRL’s strong search capabilities, they will be able to stay informed and might even find a new favorite sport!

A Simple Search Brings Forth All Relevant Articles Across a Library’sGVRLCollection

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Let’s say a user wants to learn more about the sport of Taekwondo, a traditional martial art that originated in Korea and has exploded in popularity ever since its origin over 2000 years ago. Doing a simple search for “taekwondo” inGVRLdelivers excellent results in an instant.

The first few results that we are shown come from the series, Science Behind Sports. When the user clicks “The Physics of Taekwondo,” they are taken to an excellent resource with a tremendous amount of information covering the history of the sport of Taekwondo, training techniques and even advantageous positions.

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Users can also take advantage of theHighlights and Notesfeature that allows them to highlight, make notes within a document, and even cite their highlighted section. So, if your users discover valuable insights, they can also utilize theDownloadfeature to download their highlighted text, notes, and citations for later use in Google Drive or save as a PDF.

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Users can view all of their highlighted text and their notes in one location. Simply click theCitation Toolsbutton that is located underToolsto view and download multiple citations in both MLA and APA formats. Making students’ after school research for reports or project easy!

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Now that Galepartnered with Google Apps for Education, it has never been easier to access and save relevant information fromGVRLand other popular Gale products. After authentication, users can sign in to use, save, and share Gale content using their Google Account credentials (including Gmail) without having to remember a separate password. Once logged in, users can easily share and download articles—including their highlights and notes—using Google Apps for Education tools that include Gmail, Classroom, Drive, Docs, and more


Optimized for any device, users can now utilize all of the features ofGVRLwhere they “live.”

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