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By Carrie Stefanski


健康和健康的生活方式电子书As the old adage says “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Gale has just what your library needs to ensure your patrons are well-informed when it comes to health- and fitness-related topics.

For those looking for beginner-level help, offer eBook titles from the iconicFor Dummies完全傻瓜指南series. Be sure to check with your rep about the limited-time discount offer on this new titles with the most current nutrition topics like veganism, raw foods, cleanses, detoxing, and more. And with over 100 eBooks on the award-winning GVRL platform, readers can learn in depth of subjects from surgery and medical tests to teen mental health and more. The金宝搏彩票饮食烈风百科全书is a cohesive guide for someone trying to determine what nutritional path is right for them. Fitness tiles like The Complete Running and Marathon Book will also get your patrons active!


Sara might even have time to take a six-weekGale Course喜欢Luscious, Low-Fat, Lightning-Quick Meals.在花费了一周刚刚2-4小时,她可以很容易学习新的嘴唇准备是既美味又营养的饭菜。(如果你有Gale Coursesin your library, the next batch of sessions start on June18. Don’t forget to remind your patrons!)

The Health & Wellness Resource Centeris a comprehensive array of the most up-to-date consumer medical information available. This standalone resource could the newWeb MD萨拉和你的社区的休息!

Learn about all of our resources for The Health Nut and other patron groups.

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