Kids InfoBits Product Update week of 2/22/2016

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Posted on February 24, 2016

You’ll see a few new updates and features added toKids InfoBitsstarting March 9th. Here is what you’ll find:

  • Are your students struggling with the meaning or definition of words in articles?Kids InfoBitsnow has easy access to the Merriam Webster Elementary Dictionary within the product.
  • 为了帮助学生搜索结果,新的内容类型“列传”已添加。当一个人搜索,在本节的结果将特别突出的传记内容。
  • At the top of an article, an updated display of biographical information clearly state the individuals’ date of birth/death, other names, nationality, and occupation.


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Updated biography provides a quick snapshot of stats on a particular individual like birth date, date of death, nationality, occupation and more.

KIB_Biography Article
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“Biographies” has been added as a content type to assist students with search results.

KIB_Biography Display Group
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