Librarian on a Mission Increases Access and Awareness of Library Digital Resources


Mark Gottschalk is a librarian on a mission. His mission is to increase the value that the library provides to the South Plains College campus, located in Levelland, Texas. “My personal mission is to find ways to make the library a more used and integrated part of the college community,” Gottschalk said. By increasing usage of Gale’s背景(Ovic)的相反观点,他能够做到这一点。

Students at South Plains College struggled to get their hands on the library’s only hard copy ofOpposing Viewpoints为他们的研究论文。其中许多人没有意识到图书馆可以访问在语境中的反对观点那a digital database that includes tens of thousands of pro/con viewpoints, reference articles, and multimedia elements. Gottschalk set out to change that.

First, he found a way to meet students in a place they were used to going as a part of their normal coursework: Blackboard. Blackboard is a learning management system used campus-wide. Gottschalk found a few instructors who already lovedOVIC并让他们了解与黑板集成数字数据库的好处。


在早期采用的早期购买后,GOTTSCHALK在校园教练中发起了一个游击队营销活动,以宣传对整合的好处的认识OVICwith Blackboard. He also was able to make the integration a focal point at employee orientation.



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