Libraries Add Economic Value to Local Communities


By Ken Detzner


不仅有图书馆历史证明beneficial to the areas they serve, a recent Return on Investment study conducted by the Haas Center for Business Research and Economic Development, University of West Florida, provides the hard numbers demonstrating the economic value of public libraries. The overall Return on Investment that libraries offer, the business and educational support that is provided, and the essential services provided show that libraries are not only places of learning, but add economic value to their local communities.

对于每$ 1周的佛罗里达州投资于美国佛罗里达州公共图书馆,他们收到$ 10.18的经济回报。这意味着,与投资于美国佛罗里达州的公共图书馆公款近5亿$在2012财年,超过5.55十亿$在经济价值被送回佛罗里达州。公共图书馆历来是地方的家庭可以学习,学生可以做研究,求职者可以找到机会,并返回投入到这些受人尊敬的机构资金超过十倍。

Florida public libraries provide education, business support, and social service referrals. Nine out of 10 people surveyed believe libraries improve workforce skills. These localized services bring value to the residents of Florida by acting as a hub of information, which library patrons believe help improve Florida’s workforce by teaching new skills. Librarians serve their patrons, and in turn strengthen the economy of their surrounding communities.


76% of participants would be unwilling to sell their library card at any cost. This fact is a testament to the value that Floridians place on the services of their library. Florida’s 555 public libraries benefit their communities both educationally and economically, and they must continue to stand as beacons of light to the areas they serve.

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Secretary of State Ken Detzner began serving as Florida’s Secretary of State for the second time in his career in February 2012, after being appointed by Governor Rick Scott. Prior to his appointment, Secretary Detzner spent more than 30 years working in private and public settings, including the Florida Department of State.


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