Libraries at Work: Improving Job Prospects through Library-Accessed Online Learning


RosemaryPosted 12/5/2015

By Rosemary Long, Product Manager, Partner Products, Gale


在线学习资源,如SkillsoftandGale Courses支持库,教育机构,并给社区成员轻松访问与工作相关的培训。指令可随时随地,并通过繁忙的生活方式和学习方式不同的各种设备完美的。通过提供就业为导向的教育,图书馆可以通过解决由雇主所需的顶部工作技能促进地方经济发展。

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Skillsoftis a new resource through Gale and available for the first time at public libraries. A pioneer in online learning,Skillsoftdelivers more than 250 on-demand video courses on business, management, and Microsoft Office training. These self-paced courses include interactive practice, assessment, completion, and scoring. With over 19 million current users,Skillsoftdelivers highly effective content through innovative technology.

Gale Coursesprovide more than 350 six-week long, online programs. All classes are led by qualified college instructors and cover a variety of topics, including professional development, technology, and personal enrichment.Gale Courses是非常适合谁喜欢一个更结构化的学习环境和参与的同学和导师的人。课被分配一个星期两次,并经常以文字,视频,互动游戏和图像。新的课程开始每个月。

Libraries asWorkforce Development Partners

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014,成为2015年7月,识别公共图书馆作为美国就业中心网络的潜在合作伙伴有效并承认库来提供的求职服务,广阔的阵列的能力。增加对职业相关的资源,如资金SkillsoftandGale Courses可从行为。此外,新法律承认图书馆在成人教育和扫盲联邦政府援助方案的重要提供商。这些课程可以提高他们的顾客培训和就业机会。

No matter what career stage people are in—entry level employee to seasoned professional—job skills need to be refreshed regularly to keep pace with new software releases and evolving management techniques. For those interested in enhancing skills for job opportunities or simply improving their performance, libraries can serve as a hub for management, business, and Microsoft Office training.


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  • 初露头角的企业家
  • Those looking to advance their career


1Opportunity for All: How the American Public Benefits from Internet Access at U.S. Libraries,可在。

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