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Business reference: librarians either love it or hate it. Thankfully, Gale’sSmall Business Resource Center化妆是我们很容易。说真的 - 如果你还没有看SBRCrecently, do yourself a favor and check it out. You’ll thank me later.

我的丈夫和两个商业伙伴近日决定,他们真的应该为自己的中年危机要做的就是打开一个啤酒厂。他不能只买克尔维特 - 他决定开一家小企业。他(和两个伙伴)是工程师,所以他们没有很多的经验打开或运行业务。金宝搏彩票盖尔的Small Business Resource Centercame to their rescue. (Well,我的rescue if I’m being honest. Who do you think did a lot of the research for them?)

Of course, they needed to write a business plan. Thankfully,SBRCincludes theBusiness Plans Handbook. The partners were able to look at actual business plans of microbreweries. Just type “breweries” in the search box at the top of the main page. There were several relevant results.

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形式都是小企业创业的克星。有这么多的商业经营这么多的形式!SBRCconnects to the Gale法律形式库,所以我能得到的形式,帮助球员建立了业务合作关系,写在建筑物中的收购协议,获得了酒牌,甚至是PDF格式的十二个月的销售预测表。只需点击“表单”在的顶部SBRC网页链接通过。

球员们也需要了解的东西像市场营销和品牌成像,员工福利,风险管理,工资税和现金流量。它们都具有经济和商业的基础知识(谢天谢地)有很好的理解,但他们希望刷新自己的知识和挖得更深一些。Small Business Resource Center有在页面顶部的“商业主题的”类别权,超级容易找到。点击一下,所有的这些主题在那里,链接到文章从象源主要营销活动的百科全书小型企业财务. A glossary of business terms is also right at the top of the database, so you don’t have to go back to the main page to find it.

该“How to” page is also extremely helpful. There are articles from resources like小企业傻瓜小企业圣经为了帮助您了解如何融资业务,如何撰写商业计划书,如何拓展您的业务,等等。

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该best new feature ofSBRC是谷歌和微软的集成。您可以保存文章到您的谷歌驱动器或Microsoft365帐户。您可以在文章创建书签,笔记和亮点,容易向后引用最相关的部分。然后,业务合作伙伴可以共享这些文章,其中包括笔记和亮点,与对方。

附加功能总是好的,和Small Business Resource Centereven offers videos. We watched avideo tour的去滑槽啤酒厂开球党,以及其他一些信息和娱乐啤酒厂视频和酿造业。这些合作伙伴肯定会要举行一个聚会开球为他们的新啤酒厂,所以他们得到了关于如何做到这一点的一些想法。

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SBRCalso includes news, magazine, and journal articles on business topics. It also has recommended resources, and even links to web sites with good business information and articles. Of course, you can set search limits and drill down to other recommended subjects within search results. You can also download articles as MP3’s, translate them to other languages, email them, print them, share them on social media, and cite them appropriately with the citation tools. These are tools included in most Gale databases, so the interface is familiar and consistent.

SBRC真的是当你想创业,开始的最佳场所。图书馆员可以参考他们的小型企业的企业家食客到该数据库,以帮助他们充实什么做的所有需要​​得到他们的业务离地面。Midlife crisis aside, my husband and his partners were fairly well-organized and had a good idea of what to expect, but let’s be honest – at the reference desk we often talk to people who have a good business concept, but no idea whatsoever about what is involved in getting it off the ground. TheSmall Business Resource Center是票获得通过细节的信息基础,然后工作。

Holly Hibner Mary Kelly霍莉是在普利茅斯区图书馆在普利茅斯,MI成人服务协调员。她有一个温和的迷恋收集质量(好吧,也许不是那么温和),并可以在读者咨询台提供梦想着读相似者。