A Mile and a Half Walk

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By Becky A.

我成长在60年代的一个有六个孩子的家庭s, was low income and our Mom did not drive – at least not until the last child was born. One of the things my Mom was good about was making sure we got to the library, even if we had to walk. It was about a mile and a half to the library. This was a small town in Maine so there were no buses. We must have looked like the family of ducks in “Make Way for Ducklings” by Robert McCloskey as we headed for the library. Once we were older, we could walk down after school and then caught a ride home with our father. I read every horse book I could get my hot little hands on, “The Black Stallion,” “Misty of Chincoteague,” “Black Beauty” and many more. The librarian at the time was very good about making sure the books me and my sisters wanted were available unless, she considered it “inappropriate,” then, I found this out years later, she would put the offending book under her desk and use it for a foot rest until we stopped asking for it. I now work as a Library Director and try to follow what I learned in my early years, of the importance of making sure books are available for everyone. But, I don’t use any for “foot rests.”

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