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当我的大女儿,现在一所中学的老师,带回家她的第一篇论文,它是在欺负的对象。她看完后朱迪·布卢姆的写大声哭for a school assignment. The essay, which I still have, provided a preview of what a kind, compassionate person and awesome teacher she would one day become. As the 10安iversary of National Bullying Prevention Month approaches this October, I thought I’d do a little research on the subject, which was never the focus of national attention when I was a student. It’s only in relatively recent years that bullying has been commonly recognized as something other than a “natural part of growing up” or rite of passage.

要了解欺凌和努力防止它,有没有更好的地方开始比盖尔数据库,该产品采用欺凌各方面权威,全面的信息。金宝搏彩票所有年龄段的学生可以学到更多的从儿童InfoBitsand研究背景(通过中学生专为K-5)和Student Resources In ContextandOpposing Viewpoints In Context(intended for high school and beyond).

例如搜索“欺负”的经过学生资源融会贯通。Click for larger image.


  • 一个2009年疾病预防控制中心的研究发现和随后的研究已经证实,所有高中学生的大约20%的受访者已在过去的一年欺负,与女孩更可能比男孩成为受害者。
  • 网络欺凌,经由电子设备和社交媒体欺凌开展了形式,甚至影响到更多的孩子。最近的研究表明more than a third of all students between the ages of 12 and 17 report being victimized.
  • 女同性恋,男同性恋,双性恋和变性人(LGBT)社区的成员三次更可能体验网络欺凌比非LGBT同行。
  • 没有联邦法律直接涉及欺凌,但如果基于种族,性别,残疾,或宗教欺凌涉及偏见的联邦法律骚扰可以申请。
  • 一个ccording to theCyberbullying Research Center,as of January 2016, all fifty states plus Washington, DC, had anti-bullying legislation; however, only twenty-four states included cyberbullying in these laws. Anti-bullying laws in forty-eight states plus Washington, DC, however, did include information about electronic harassment.

虚构的作品,还可以有效的教师,有能力,以帮助读者制定任何主题,更个性化,同情的理解。金宝搏彩票盖尔的书籍和作者database is the perfect tool for finding a story on bullying that will, like Judy Blume’s大声哭did for my daughter, entertain as well as instruct. The following fictional titles are a few favorites suggested by a colleague with an enduring passion for YA literature:Wonder,R.J.帕拉西奥

Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass,梅格·梅迪纳

Thirteen Reasons Why,Jay Asher


Hoot,Carl Hiaasen

Stargirl,Jerry Spinelli

一个nd of course,大声哭,Judy Blume

  • 你会添加到这个列表什么书?
  • 你是否曾经欺负的受害者?你是怎么处理的呢?你生活中的大人是怎么处理的呢?
  • 你有没有停下或帮助停止欺负?建议或安慰欺凌的受害者?如何成功的是你的工作?
  • Has your awareness and understanding of bullying changed in recent years?
  • What impact has social media had on bullying and bullying prevention and awareness?
  • One area some feel is still largely unaddressed in anti-bullying discussions and efforts is sexism and sexual harassment of girls and women. Do you agree? Why do you think this is?
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