An Inside Look at ChiltonLibrary and Car Care Programming Ideas


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But when both got new vehicles in 2016, general maintenance wasn’t as easy and—although we didn’t want to pay the high costs for a mechanic—we wanted to do it the right way. That’s whereChiltonLibrarycomes in! This 24-hour on-call “mechanic” provides quick online access to repair, maintenance and service information on the most popular cars, trucks, vans and SUVs on the road today. The oil filter was just a bit different on my new car, andChiltonLibraryexplained its location, how to remove it, and how to replace the new one. The best part of using the database is that you can get to the specific information you want quickly and easily, without lugging around a giant tome. You can print just the relevant page and go!



这些谁是不太热衷于汽车修理可以使用ChiltonLibrary学习需要做的,什么维护计划到底是什么,甚至得到的劳动力成本的估计。你永远不会被高估计与关人员抓获ChiltonLibrarylabor estimate. You can enter your car’s current mileage and get a list of maintenance procedures that should be done at that mileage. For example, I should apparently have my brake linings/drums and pads/discs inspected, my engine oil and filter replaced, my tires inspected, my drive belt inspected, and my engine valve clearance inspected. I couldn’t tell you what most of that means, but that’s OK because my husband can get the instructions and close-up photos—even videos and animated graphics in some cases—of these procedures viaChiltonLibraryand go to work! Gosh, he will be so glad that I created this to-do list for him!


这里有一些提示,以促进ChiltonLibraryin your library:

  • Hold car care clinics that includeChiltonLibrary数据库指令
  • 创建有关汽车护理图书馆资料的显示,以及包括从截图ChiltonLibrary
  • Teach new teen drivers about basic car repair and maintenance throughChiltonLibrary示威
  • 保持考试准备课程为ASE考生,使用测验可用ChiltonLibrary

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