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NoodleToolsprovides tools for note-taking, outlining, citations, document archiving/annotation, and collaborative research and writing.

The Gale and NoodleTools solution

  • Integrates directly into the student workflow with multiple access points.
  • 轻松格式导出引文直接从单个文件或保存文档的集合NoodleTools。
  • 支持s MLA, APA, and Chicago-style citations.

Products affected by this update include:

导出到NoodleTools目前提供以下产品:In Context套房,儿童InfoBits,在金宝搏彩票大风电子书GVRL,allInfoTrac定期的产品,金宝搏彩票盖尔文学根源Smithsonian Primary Sources, Small Business Resource Center, Gale Researcher,金宝搏彩票盖尔互动产品。

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