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Question:When research often starts with a Google search and dubious results, how do we get online library reference materials in the hands of those who need it?

Answer:Opposing Viewpoints In Context’sGoogle Chrome Extension!

Melinda was doing her Social Studies homework the other night and needed facts on gerrymandering. Instead of using her textbook or her trustworthy library resources to find answers, she just “Googled it.” How do we get factual information into Melinda’s hands right from her Google search? It’s elementary, my dear Watson:Opposing Viewpoints In Context’sChrome Extension!

Yes, after adding the extension on her Chrome browser, a box appears on the Google search results page, so after Melinda types in her search for “gerrymandering,” she sees there areLibrary Resultsthat appear in a box at the top right of the page.

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Upon clicking the “Show” button, she sees factual information – WOW!

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There’s no additional search, and all it takes is one click to discover the “facts and just the facts, ma’am” on the gerrymandering issue, straight fromOpposing Viewpoints In Context。How cool is that?

Cameron’s a college freshman, writing a research paper about increasing minimum wage in the United States. On the first day of class, Cameron’s Professor showed the class how to download the Chrome Extension.“It’s the easiest way I know to ensure that when students inevitably use Google for research, they are seeing authoritative library content right there in their Google search!”she said. Cameron finds it super-easy and convenient to use and now knows the pros and cons of minimum wage, citing them with just a click.

This Chrome Extension is also great for public library user Paul Patron – he’s at his local branch and wants to find more about relations between the US and Puerto Rico. He knows his library has many online tools and resources, but he doesn’t know how to find them. Fortunately, the library staff has already loaded theOpposing Viewpoints In ContextChrome Extension onto all the public computers. When Paul types his search for “US-Puerto Rico Relations” in Google, he quickly sees that the library has factual content to offer on this topic fromOpposing Viewpoints in Context。他点击它,发现波多黎各is self-governing commonwealth, and he knows he can trust this source of this information because it’s library approved!

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Easy-peasy. And loading the extension only takes a minute. Here’s a quick video that shows you how:

Put your library’s resources at the fingertips of your users today:download the Opposing Viewpoints In Context Chrome Extension!

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