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When telling friends and family that I was working on a digital archive focusing on right-wing extremists, far-left militants and a wide range of radical movements in between, the most common response was ‘why’? To answer that I must explain the motivation that triggered this project, as well as why such an archive is important now more than ever.

As an Acquisitions Editor, my primary purpose is to commission resources that meet the changing research needs of scholars. I was therefore intrigued to find out that not only was there an increase in scholarly articles and monographs on far-right movements, but a growing number of research centers dedicated to the alt-right and political extremism. Such centers as the Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies at the University of California, the (upcoming) Center for Analysis of Democracy and Extremism at the University of Georgia, the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, the Centre for Fascist, Anti-Fascist and Post-Fascist Studies at Teeside University, the C-REX – Center for Research on Extremism at the University of Oslo and the independent Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right, to name a few.

是什么导致了大量学术研究the far-right? Many argue that a resurgence of extreme right-wing parties has many asking where these groups came from and how they relate to mainstream politics. These groups are ever present in the news from the Charlottesville rally in August 2017 to the tripling of incidents of white supremacist propaganda appearing on U.S. college campuses.[1]Some have cited the election of Donald Trump and the appointment of his (ex) chief strategist Steve Bannon as a reviving factor; but others argue that to understand the white-nationalist, racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic issues that we are encountering today, we must explore the development, actions and ideologies of these groups. This is what the政治极端主义与激进主义archive enables researchers to do.

政治极端主义与激进主义archive is more than a resource on the radical right; many different groups and movements are represented. The American Radicalism Collection from Michigan State University not only contains holdings on the alt-right, but includes leftist politics, anti-war movements; racial equality, feminism, gay rights as well as a range of radical twentieth-century social, economic and environmental movements. By providing primary sources from a wide range of viewpoints (from the Ku Klux Klan to the Black Panther Party) which have shaped the world’s political and civil rights history, researchers of contemporary topics can examine the origins and development of present-day issues such as religion, globalization, gender, and activism. This resource contains several materials crucial to the study of international history, political science, sociology and government studies.


Sometimes it’s debatable whether these movements could be considered ‘extreme’ or if they would describe themselves as such. However, all were deemed ‘radical’ by their contemporaries. For instance, environmental rights may not be thought of as revolutionary today, but many communal experiments and green parties such as the Earth First organization would certainly be considered radical in the 1970s and 1980s. As a broad rule, material has been included if it advocates social change from outside the political or cultural mainstream of the time. There is great value in presenting student researchers with issues and ideas from outside the conservative norm to encourage independent and critical thinking as well as fostering an open dialogue.

Lastly, there are three elements to this digital archive that benefit libraries and make it important for researchers:

1。Includes rare and从不前提是数字化的主要来源。极端主义文学始终很难找到,因为其作者预期用于有限数量的真正信徒的材料。因此,期刊和稗膜的印刷往往是小,不稳定的,旨在被丢弃。在大多数这些系列的情况下,它已经努力努力使这种类型的材料进行弥补,并且通常是个人的生命的工作。此外,在过去几年中,大部分材料仅供公共访问。例如,从KEW的国家档案中,我们已经数字化了英国安全服务的先前隐藏文件,或者对政府认为“极端”和“威胁”的个人:

  • 英国权利 - 王极端分子奥斯瓦尔德迷住和阿诺德莱塞以及他们的组织,英国法西斯和帝国法西斯联盟。
  • Suspected communist sympathizer and famous author George Orwell.
  • 英国物理学家和一位承认和被定罪的苏联间谍Alan Nunn艾伦·纳尼恩(Alan Nunn)在第二次世界大战期间向苏联提供了英国和美国的秘密。
  • 与Leon Trotsky's Travels有关的论文从1915年到1917年,他在苏维埃政府和1928年流亡后的时期,直到1940年去世。
  • Australian physicist and humanitarian Eric Burhop, involved in the Manhattan project investigated as a possible spy who passed scientific information to a Soviet intelligence officer in the US.
  • 俄罗斯共产党革命弗拉基米尔伊利尼亚诺伊伊利尼奥诺伊伊利尼奥诺伊州的情报报告,别名列宁更了解。
  • BBC记者和疑似共产主义同情者Harold Walter Muller。
  • Sylvia Pankhurst的政治活动与她的共产主义,反战和反法西斯活动有关的政治活动。
  • 诺贝尔奖获奖作者Doris少得多,谁是英国共产党的成员,直到1956年。
  • Records of Marxist historian Christopher Hill.
  • 在第二次世界大战前希特勒的归属崇拜者统一的文件。

2。Audio files and transcripts of interviews with several antifascist activists.感谢2015年博士博士,曼彻斯特大学大学博士和兰开斯特大学博士博士进行的口头历史项目政治极端主义与激进主义档案馆录制了几名活动家谈论他们从20世纪40年代到20世纪80年代的法西斯主义者的经历。这些包括雷山,英国运动和英国民族党的信息和英国民族党的少女,在43组中的突击队。

3。Exciting stories behind the collections.的本质是comp集合iled are of historic import. Much of material documenting the activities of British and international fascist and racist organizations, from the British National Party and Norwegian Nazi Party to the Australian National Socialist Party, was sourced from the Searchlight archive; the collections result of the Searchlight Associates investigations and exposes on fascism, antisemitism, and racism. Their network includes several anti-racist organizations around the world and their periodical搜索light发表了许多标识的记者,包括作者这Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,Stieg Larsson谁的杂志博览会is considered搜索light’ssister publication.

Another incredible story is the Hall-Hoag collection of dissenting and extremist printed propaganda. The collection began when Gordon Hall, an American veteran of the Pacific Theatre during the World War II, first encountered the printed propaganda issued by a domestic hate-your- neighbor organizations/groups in the late 1940s. He supported his investigations and research of these organizations by giving public lectures. Materials from all corners of the U.S. were collected, enabling him to document statements made in lectures as well as in a growing number of expository articles written for newspapers and magazines.

This is an incredibly diverse, fascinating and timely digital primary source resource which will have relevance to researchers for decades to come. That is why the政治极端主义与激进主义档案创造了它,为什么现在重要的是重要的。

You can查看我们的新闻发布在这个新的档案馆以及参观政治极端主义与激进主义archive webpage

[1]Anti-Defamation League. (2018, February). White Supremacist Propaganda Surges on Campus. [Press release]. Retrieved fromhttps://www.adl.org/news/press-releases/adl-finds-alarming-increase-in-white-supremacist-propaganda-on-college-campuses

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