Product Update: Greenhaven Press, Lucent Books, and KidHaven Press Imprints Move to Rosen



2016年4月1日Rosen成为Greenhaven Press,LucentBooks®和Kidhaven Press™印记的印刷品和电子书标题的独家发行商。向前迈进,Rosen将为这些印记创建新的标题和内容。作为罗森的合作伙伴之一,大风将继续销售电子书金宝搏彩票GVRL对于这些印记,根据GreenhaveN出版,朗讯新闻,和Kidhaven出版的标题。

With this news comes some changes in how future business transactions will be handled. To assist in understanding the new process of how to place orders, make inquiries, billing, and future development of titles from these imprints, Gale has put together a Q&A to help answer any questions you may have.

Q – How do I place a print order for titles for Greenhaven, Lucent, and KidHaven imprints?
A – Beginning June 1, 2016, place打印直接与rosen命令。联系信息如下:

Online Ordering

Sheena Strickland

罗森Customer Service:
Phone: 1-800-237-9932, Monday – Friday 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. EST

a - 有关批发订单及相关产品的信息,order online或联系William Fox。

William Fox

Q – I have a standing order for titles for these imprints, has that changed?
A - 2016年6月1日起,所有人都有打印orders will be processed by Rosen. All standingGVRLeBook订单将保持不变,留在大风。金宝搏彩票

Q - 我已被通知我订购的印刷标题是延期交货。我还会收到这些吗?
A – Backorders have been forwarded to Rosen for fulfillment as of May 24, 2016. Any questions regarding your order should directed to Rosen.

Q – I have eBook titles from these imprints that I access on theGVRLplatform, who do I contact to place an order for new titles?
A - 作为Rosen的合作伙伴之一,Gale将继续出售以前发金宝搏彩票表的和未来eBooksfrom Greenhaven, Lucent, and KidHaven on theGVRL平台。请通过您的常规渠道放置任何直接电子书订单。另请注意,此更改不会影响当前的GVRL托管费,这将保持不变。

A – New publishing schedules will be set by Rosen. Like many of our other third-party eBook publishing partners, Gale will not be involved in publishing plans or schedules, but will remain in close contact to keep you informed of upcoming eBook titles and publishing dates.

问 - 我拥有Opposing Viewpoints In Context并明白大部分内容来自Greenhaven的反对观点系列。这是否意味着我的数据库的新内容将来自Rosen?
A – No.Opposing Viewpoints In Contextcontinues to be an exclusive Gale product. Gale’s skilled editorial team will continue to work with subject-matter experts across a range of fields to publish content forOpposing Viewpoints In Contextand other databases. This ensures a continued experience with consistency of content quality, and enables us to release more content, more frequently.

问:我以前购买过Gale的其他Rosen eBook标题。金宝搏彩票我还能从大风中得到这些吗?金宝搏彩票
a - 是的。除了GreenhaveN,Lucent和Kidhaven之外,Gale还从Rosen的其他印记,如Rose金宝搏彩票n Publishing,Cavendish Square,Gareth Stevens和Enslow中加入了大约500个新的电子书。它们将可供Gale的金宝搏彩票GVRL客户始终如一。

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