Literary Index Receives Major Enhancements

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| By Gale Staff |

Let the countdown begin! On Friday, August 28, 2020,Literary Indexwill receive product enhancements and becomeGale Literary Index.These product enhancements are designed to ensure secured access to library resources and have a greater impact on user success.

In addition to an updated product name,Gale Literary Indexwill also receive the following product enhancements:

  • Complete design upgrade—provides a streamlined user interface aligned with recent product enhancements across Gale’s Literature resources.
  • Integrated G Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365 tools—enable users to easily share, save, and download content, bringing this product in line with Gale’s other Literature products.
  • Increased Accessibility— removes elements that created barriers to accessibility and better enables site for impaired users by adding text to speech, adjustable text size, and more
  • Secure product accesshttps协议起用于确保数据感情n a patron’s browser and Gale products is encrypted and the right to privacy for library users is protected.

Continued Access to Gale Literary Index
Every activeGale Literaturecustomer will receive a new link to the enhancedGale Literary Index. This product link will appear on your Gale Common Menu. As with your other Gale resources, a link toGale Literary Indexmay be placed on your library web page, embedded in research guides, etc.

In addition,Gale Literary Indexmay still be accessed from withinGale Literatureresources.

Training and support materials will be available in the coming months to help make this a smooth transition for libraries. Stay tuned for more information!

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