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Gale is continually updating and adding new content toKids InfoBits,确保您和您的学生有机会获得最及时,引人入胜和权威的信息。下述项目是在加入February 2015.

  • 海滋绘制在罗伯特·路易斯·史蒂文森的1883年故事金银岛偷海盗的战利品。Lebrecht的音乐艺术图片库/ Alamy图片社
    海滋绘制在金银岛偷海盗的战利品。Lebrecht的音乐艺术图片库/ Alamy图片社

    儿童InfoBits礼物:文学has been added. This is anew content set专门为Kids InfoBits. Sixty-three literary topics are covered, each containing a “Basic” overview aimed at lower elementary students and an “Intermediate” overview aimed at upper elementary students. Every article has an image representing the topic. Examples include:

    • 冒险小说
    • American Dream
    • Biography
    • Caldecott Medal
    • 俳句
    • Heroes in Literature
    • Nonfiction
    • 一书的部分内容
    • 一首诗的零件
    • Rhyme
    • 短篇故事
    • Villains
  • Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia: More than600 articles从已更新,其中包括:
    • Afghanistan
    • Alabama
    • Hans Christian Andersen
    • Maya Angelou
    • Canadian Literature (English)
    • Jimmy Carter
    • 芝加哥
    • Ebola Virus
    • 伊利湖
    • Football
    • Henry Ford
    • 胡德山
    • Iraq
    • 新西兰
    • Parakeet
    • 科学
    • 乌龟

      New Kids Bits for Presidents' Day and Winter Sports have been added this month
      New InfoBIts for Presidents’ Day and Winter Sports have been added this month
    • Vikings
    • Whaling
  • InfoBits, homepage snippets that feature fun facts, are updated monthly. February’s InfoBits cover the following topics:
    • Presidents’ Day
    • Winter Sports
    • 狂欢节
    • Black History Month
  • 改进后的搜索:Tweaks have been made to the subject topic trees, resulting in more targeted results for key topics


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