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| By Andrea Henderson |

这是新的一年的开始,如果你和大多数美国人一样,你已经设立了一个新年的决议。如果该决议是依赖于你的健康,你是在那些美国人的一半以上谁设置这样一个目标。由于几天,几个星期,希望几个月穿,如果你发现自己寻求支持,一种可能性要考虑的是贵公司的工作场所的健康计划。根据美国疾病控制和预防中心(CDC),“工作场所的健康是朝着正确的方向”与美国的” 46%的工地报价[和]某种类型的健康计划,以员工的“。1最热门的领域是体育锻炼,戒烟,控制体重和压力管理。


In December, Gale published two new encyclopedias that will help you do exactly thatfind information to inform your path and inspire you on your mission to ending 2020 healthier than you started!

TheGale Encyclopedia of Public Health, 2nd edition是你去到上影响广大公众(如食源性疾病)和慢性问题(糖尿病等)以及社会问题(如饮食失调)健康话题资源。几年前,我的新年愿望是一致得到足够的睡眠。睡眠不足正在采取对我的伤害。了解它与我的关注,以及有关于我的体重控制工作的负面影响的能力干扰足以激励我坚持我的决议年。

TheGale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, 5th edition有你在补充和替代医学疗法,实践和草药和补品的都去覆盖。(Complementary medicine being used alongside conventional medicine versus alternative medicine, which is often used instead of conventional medicine.) It can be overwhelming to navigate this sea of information, but you’ll have authoritative, unbiased yet accessible articles at your fingertips with this encyclopedia. It was a New Year’s resolution in 2016 to find new ways to reduce stress and keep my blood pressure in check that led me to yoga. And I haven’t turned back since.

即将推出-的第六版The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicineis a timely, comprehensive resource for consumers interested in health information. It provides health and medical information on approximately 2,000 topics, including health issues of global importance. Entries do not use technical jargon, making them easier to understand. The encyclopedia is extremely thorough, well organized, and enhanced with color photos and illustrations. Related entries and resource lists give readers suggestions for further research, and organizations listed can provide additional assistance. Available March 2020.

Here’s to a healthier, happier 2020!

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