School Libraries Matter to Our Students

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我的同学关系。在每所学校当天上午7:00,我打开了我的学校图书馆的线路超过一打左右的学生通过门的聚会。他们已经准备好后,他们的更衣室是他们学校的冒险进入生物,物理,微积分和英语在世界面前图书馆开始一天的生活和他们的第一站。在灯上后,和所有的门都上锁,学生们都是由我打招呼微笑。微笑去图书馆很长的路要走。微笑欢迎学生说说自己的晚上,应力,兴奋,和日常的忧虑。我为我们的学生的倡导者和听众,往往辅导员,甚至几天,当我需要一个顾问!我花时间来了解我们的学生超出了最后一本书,他们不得不类阅读。我了解他们的家庭生活,他们的工作生活,并高于一切,鼓励他们,我在这里对他们来说,在这里,以帮助使他们的日子更亮一点的是在这里为他们。所有学校图书馆的墙壁,许多内,很多事情发生在一天。 Some students even sacrifice lunch in the cafeteria to spend some time in the library and decompress and just breathe without the chaos of a noisy school cafeteria. Of course, instruction happens daily, technology is integrated, and books are checked in and out, but that is just a small percentage of what matters in the lives of our students. The school library is a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment and I am fortunate to work with some amazing students and staff every day. It may not be the quietest place in the school at times, but they are okay with that and so am I. When people do not understand what happens in a school library, they often take it for granted and do not see its four walls having an impact on its students. I often wonder when budgets get cut and school libraries are forced to limit or close their doors completely, what happens to those students – where do they go before the bell, after the bell, during study hall, or lunch? Do they see smiles and hear laughter to welcome them and help them feel safe so that the can succeed in their classes? Is there another teacher who is able to give time to work with them and talk to them about more than just content on a test? School libraries serve our students and they matter to them. School libraries are more than four walls, books, and computer labs. They are the beating heart of our schools and they matter to our students every day.