Seven Reasons to Secure LegalForms in Your Library

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| By Holly Hibner and Mary Kelly |

A common reference question received at public library reference desks is whether the library has legal forms. When you get that question as a generalist reference librarian (ie. not a law librarian…), it is very comforting to know that theGale LegalFormsresource is at the ready.

我的图书馆可以访问密歇根法律形式,所以我们知道他们与我们的国家法律有关。有离婚,破产,律师权力等类别,以及成立(等)。您只需选择一个类别,然后从可用表单列表中进行选择。每个表格都提供了完整的描述,以帮助Paypeople选择正确的人。只需单击一键,表单将打开有空格,以单击并填写您的姓名,城市和甚至案例编号。表单有多种格式可用,包括Microsoft Word,Rich Text,PDF,有时甚至完美。数据库中包含的表格是律师事务所使用的官方形式,因此您永远不必怀疑他们是否将被法院系统接受。

Highly Searchable

Sample Letters
One of the categories provided is “Sample Letters.” There are letters to use for requesting a credit report of a minor, to remove your name from a mail marketing list, employment letters for suspensions, warnings, and disciplinary action, and a sample letter to request an extension on a lease from tenant to landlord. These are just a few of the handy sample letters available.

Tax Forms
There are also links to tax forms available in Gale LegalForms. When you choose a state, the database links you to that state’s treasury department web site. It is a quick, easy way to find the list of available tax forms for your state without having to navigate the whole of the state web site.

Attorney Directory

Additional Resources
There are external links from LegalForms too. Here you can find links to places to get vital records, the IRS, or the Michigan court system. Again, having these direct links help you find specific agencies of the law quickly and easily. Patrons (and librarians!) don’t always know what different agencies are called, or what they do, so having direct links brings us all one step closer to the right information.

Easy to Use Interface
The left side menu remains consistent throughout your use of Legal Forms. It includes the search box mentioned above, but also a link to “Definitions.” Within definitions is another search box to search for a specific legal term, or choose from A to Z to browse a list of terms under each letter of the alphabet.

Similar in style to the definitions is a “Law Digest” in that left side menu. This is more of a legal encyclopedia, as it goes into more detail about legal terms than just a definition. For example, the entry on “Environmental Protection Agency” includes articles about the agency’s various activities and even a bibliography with links for further reading.

左侧菜单中的第三项是“合法Q&A”按钮。在这里,您可以选择法律类别(如“汽车 - 保险”或“民事诉讼 - Liens”)以及读取该主题的问题和答案。

As you can see, this LegalForms contains a wealth of information on virtually any legal topic. Getting the right form and being able to open, edit, and save it immediately for personal use is a wonderful service to library patrons. Legal situations can be emotional and overwhelming, so having trustworthy and convenient links to legal information puts everyone at ease. With remote access to LegalForms, patrons can be assured that their privacy is respected. It’s a great resource for students, too – anyone researching a legal topic for any reason will find complete, trustworthy, well-organized, and useful information!

Gale LegalForms现在是移动响应。Learn more or request a trial today.




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