Shifting Perception: Libraries = Education

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由valerie J. Gross

There’s a powerful movement afoot and it’s gaining momentum.

靠货Library Journal作为“一个21世纪的图书馆模式,具有值得学习和审议美国的所有其他图书馆的职位,教义,宗旨,如果不是世界,”这种有效的战略将图书馆恢复到原来的目的。

At the turn of the 20th世纪,图书馆被建立为教育机构,为每个人提供平等的教育机会。不知何故,一个世纪之后,我们发现自己以摊薄的目的 - 这么多,所以一定三分之一的美国人不知道我们的所作所为。Libraries = Education

As public, academic, and school libraries in the U.S. and countries around the world begin implementing this game-changing strategy, they are finding that their inherent value is no longer questioned. They no longer need to constantly explain why they are essential. No one looks at them anymore with a puzzled look, asking, “Tell me again what you do?”

Instead, these library systems enjoy instant recognition of, and increased respect for, what they do. They are seeing their statistics (visits, items borrowed, research assistance interactions, and attendance at classes and events) soar. Most importantly, they are receiving corresponding increases in their budgets and staffing levels.


While developed for public libraries, the concepts apply to all types of libraries.

What exactly is this vision?
It is important to first understand what the vision is not. It is not “Wesupport教育” or “We play a角色在教育“或”我们是一个教育资源。“

自信和晶莹剔透,愿景大得多:“我们are教育” — educational institutions in their own right, like schools, colleges, and universities.

当我们厕所方程变得更加不证自明的k at the complete definition of education, which includes:

  • 有关主题的信息
  • 学习获得的知识
  • 教育,指导或教学的活动
  • 获取知识的过程
  • An enlightening experience

Key Components
Involving the following components, the strategy:

  1. 重新定位库作为世界上最多的提供者:教育三个柱子valerie gross
  2. 将图书馆员工分类为educators
  3. Categorizes all that libraries do under Three Pillars:
    1. Self-Directed Education– our diverse collections and computers
    2. 研究辅助和教学- 由图书馆教练教授的课程,研讨会和研讨会
    3. Instructive & Enlightening Experiences– encompassing cultural and community center concepts, events, and partnerships
  1. Replaces traditional terminology and jargon与战略语言people outside of the field immediately understand.For example:
  • “教育,”指导“和”研究“替换术语,如”信息“和”参考“。
  • The word “class” takes the place of “storytime” and “program.” And “curriculum” replaces the non-descript phrase “programs and services.”

Shattering misperceptions

Although loaning books is a major component of our overall curriculum, the Three Pillars visual readily conveys all three categories, each of which is critically important.

The tremendous power, effectiveness, and simplicity of this premise is that我们使用的话传达我们的工作和专业的真实价值。它使我们不可或缺的 - 今天,明天,一个世纪以来。教育是一个给定的。而且它是永恒的。

通过将自己重新定位为教育,我们的社区将分配我们同样持久的价值assigned to schools, colleges, and universities.Transforming Our Image Cover


这article was published in影响杂志和进一步阅读支票瓦莱尼的书,转变我们的形象,建立我们的品牌:教育优势.


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Valerie Gross关于作者

An educator and attorney for 30 years, Valerie J. Gross, MM, MLS, JD, is President & CEO of Howard County Library System (MD), named 2013 Library of the Year (Gale/Library Journal). Valerie is the author of转变我们的形象,建立我们的品牌:教育优势(Libraries Unlimited/ABC-CLIO, 2013), which explains this philosophy in detail and provides implementation guidance.