Lafayette Parish Schools Expand eBook Access

|Originally Postedon The Daily Advertiser, March 13, 2017 |

Lafayette Parishstudents now have access to nonfiction eBooks in all major disciplines. Titles also are available to help high school students with college and career readiness.

The eBooks are available through theGale Virtual Reference Library, orGVRL, a platform from Gale, one of the main providers of library resources and a part of Cengage Learning.

The titles cover a wide range of topics, including science, geography, history, language arts and other subjects. Elementary-level titles will be available for younger students, as well as more challenging texts for middle school students.

“As the Lafayette Parish School System continues to embrace and expand Vision 2020 in regards to academics and technology, electronic resources are an essential component,” Chief Academic Officer Annette Samec said.“Gale’s eBooks are the perfect complement for schools with 1:1 devices.”

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