The “Granddaddy of Guides”

|由盖尔金宝搏彩票员工|金宝搏彩票数据库的大风目录提供的电子数据库产业的全面覆盖,在一个易于使用的格式剖析超过14,000数据库和3000个多名生产商,在线服务和供应商/分销商。这个月,书目出版了一本精彩绝伦,诙谐的文章由Mike Bemis公司,在明尼苏达州,在此,华盛顿县公共图书馆前参考馆员...阅读更多

Books Bring People Together

|丽莎·乔伊斯,收购编辑器,桑代克公关ess | “I live with some of the most interesting people, but never know until I read their obituary.” I always remember this comment from a senior patron. As the Outreach Librarian at Portland Public Library (Maine) for nearly 25 years, I spent a great deal of time making deliveries at a senior residence and …阅读更多