Resources that Help Crafters Cultivate, Connect, and Create

Knitting at your library

Marissa, whose interest in crafting was piqued by Pinterest, gets a great sense上市library Resources for The Crafterof accomplishment in learning new skills and has even begun to sell her creations on a craft website and in a local shop that carries unique handmade items.

Erica Domesek, founder of PS I Made This and a judge on The Learning Channel’sCraft Wars,认为这是年轻消费者的强烈趋势,他说:“人有兴趣,使他们的生活更美好,更有趣。”自制工艺品提供从客观的,大规模制造的商品的增殖受欢迎的喘息。

As crafting grows in popularity, thanks to enthusiastic sharing of craft ideas on social network sites and a renewed desire for handmade artistry, community members are looking for resources that can support their interests.

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